Brendan Fraser Jokingly Apologizes For ‘George Of The Jungle’ Gaffe 

The Mummy star, Brendan Fraser, is continuing his awards season tour showcasing The Whale at the Mill Valley Film Festival where he was awarded the annual event’s lifetime achievement award. During his time on the red carpet, Fraser spoke to SFGATE (via Entertainment Weekly) and jokingly apologised to the city of San Francisco for the production of George of the Jungle causing a massive traffic jam 25 years ago.

“When we were doing George of the Jungle, George goes to rescue a parachutist tangled in the Golden Gate Bridge,” said Fraser, though he means the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge that was featured in the film.

“That means Disney put a mannequin hanging by a parachute from the uprights,” continued Fraser. “It brought traffic to a standstill on either side of the bridge.

“My trailer was on the other side in a parking lot. I just remember watching the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s this dummy parachutists hanging from it. I had the TV on, and Oprah got interrupted because there was a special news report with helicopters saying a parachute is dangling on the bridge. And I’m going – wait a minute, I’m looking at the helicopters and TV – somebody didn’t pull a permit, somebody’s going to get in trouble with the mayor’s office. So I can only apologise for that.”

While Fraser was accepting his award, he referenced the incident and apologised again, “So, that said, my bad. It won’t happen again.”

The scene in reference is below:

George of the Jungle saw Fraser playing the titular George with Leslie Mann, Thomas Haden Church, and John Cleese. It was a hit when it came out despite middling reviews, earning $174 million worldwide in 1997 on a budget of $50-55 million. The film currently holds a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.5/10 on IMDB.

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