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Winners & Losers At The Venice Film Festival 2022

If there's one thing that gets people excited about film festivals that isn't the films being showcased, it's the red carpet looks. Here are some of the winners and losers...

If there’s one thing that gets people excited about film festivals that isn’t the films being showcased, it’s the red carpet looks. Here are some of the winners and losers from the Venice Film Festival. 

Loser - Timothee Chalamet

We have heaped a tonne of praise on Timothee Chalamet’s red carpet looks before, but this one is a miss. The backless look is one few men can pull off (let alone the fewer daring enough to attempt it), and he does manage to do so. It’s the colour and material more than anything that isn’t letting this outfit work. It just doesn’t feel like a proper outfit, it feels like a prototype. What this might mean then is that Chalamet is just getting started and perhaps the next red carpet will see him in a new and improved version of this outfit. 

Winner - Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is wearing Armani Privé and she looks amazing. It could have been a simple black dress, but it’s that bow, that damn bow, that really takes this look to the next level. 

Winner - Vincent Cassel & Tina Kunakey

Trust a European man to get a European look completely right. He looks casual, yet put together. He looks like he’s dressed for summer, but knows he’s at a fancy event. It’s the happy medium and he’s achieved this by pairing loafers and a polo with his suit.

Tina Kunakey looks amazing in what looks like a crocodile skin dress (likely not real crocodile skin if it is). This is how you add a little extra spice to a simple black dress. 

Loser - Cole Sprouse

That stripe on the pants? Get rid of it. That shade of navy? Try again. What even is that collar? There’s a good outfit in here somewhere but there’s just a few decisions here that just aren’t working. Sprouse’s cowboy boots are a nice touch though, it’s the best part of the outfit hands down. 

Barbara Palvin looks good here, but not enough to make proper mention. 

Winner - Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett in Schiaparelli is a match made in heaven. It’s hardly even fair for anyone else on the red carpet when Cate is around. Thanks to the material, her pants can give the illusion that she’s actually wearing a dress. Do we even need to talk about the flowers? This is what an goth Galadriel would wear and it’s fantastic. 

Loser - Jodie Turner-Smith

The green gloves and red trim paired with the sequins make Jodie Turner-Smith look a little too much like a Christmas tree. The plunging neckline is nice, as are the shoulders, but the rest of the gown is letting it down. Maybe if she didn’t have the green gloves she wouldn’t have appeared on this list. 

Loser - Nicholas Hoult

There’s nothing wrong with this outfit. There’s just something off about it. Most of the men wore simple suits that aren’t interesting enough to appear as a Winner or Loser, so props to Hoult for trying something. But it doesn’t seem to be working for Hoult. Perhaps switching the black shoes for brown might improve things but it feels that this outfit would work on someone other than Hoult. Why? There’s no rational explanation. Sorry Hoult, it’s not you, it’s me. 

Winner - Jodie Turner-Smith

Wow. Just wow. How Turner-Smith managed to appear as both a Winner and Loser is beyond me, but this gown from Christopher John Rogers is amazing. The colours, the fit, it’s all working. Everything that works here is everything that doesn’t work on her previous entry. 

Winner - Luca Guadagnino

Italian director Luca Guadagnino looks very Italian in the best way. You don’t see to many double breasted suits these days and that’s a shame, but it might be difficult for a younger man to pull off. 

Winner - Mia Goth

A classic look with a twist? Yes, please. Goth looks amazing here with the addition of a corset really adding to the look. The lace gloves aren’t amazing, but they do work within the outfit as a whole. 

Loser - Hilary Clinton

She’s an older woman, yes, but does that mean she has to dress like she’s become the newest member in a cult? No. The colour is nice on her though. 

Winner - Greta Ferro

She looks beautiful. Simple. The folds around her waist give the illusion that her dress is undressing Ferro. Either that or it’s like she’s emerging from a black flower. It’s brilliant.

Winner/Loser - Taylor Russell

This is a tricky one. On one hand, it’s a stunning design that is certainly unique and it’s a delightful colour. On the other, she kind of looks like a big green bell or Christmas cracker. Let’s leave this with you for you to decide!

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