Trying Four Whiskeys At Hinchcliff House

Never been into whiskey? Here are four unique whiskeys that have a little something for everyone. ...

Brown Forman invited us to a whiskey tasting event and it must be said, it was delightful. While I’m really not big on whiskey (I prefer beer or gin if we’re going with hard liquor) Brown Forman showed me how versatile whiskey can be. No two whiskeys are the same and I had four to try.

First up was Jack Daniels Bonded and I didn’t try this one straight. I unfortunately can’t stand bourbon, but the whiskey sour they made for me was absolutely amazing. It just goes to show how well Jack Daniels Bonded manages to compliment the flavours it’s mixed with rather than overpowering them. While it may be sacrilege to waste good whiskey in a cocktail, these must surely be the exception.

While that was good, it didn’t blow me away. Do you know what did? The old fashioned made with Woodford Reserve. It’s still bourbon but rather than being from Tennessee like Jack Daniels, it’s from Kentucky and maybe this was the deciding factor. It was so smooth, so full of flavour. It was enough to convert a bourbon hater into… less of a hater. What I do wish from this was that it was easier to obtain. Woodford Reserve isn’t sold at BWS or Dan Murphy’s, but it is available at Nick’s Wine.

I typically like scotch more than bourbon, but I was a little disappointed with Glendronach. My colleagues with me, however, found it some of the best whiskey on offer that evening, especially the Batch 10. This was definitely a personal preference rather than objective criticism here and for whiskey afficionados will certainly find plenty to enjoy here.

Finally, we tried Benriach’s offerings, and I absolutely loved the twelve-year smokey. It was my favourite scotch of the evening. It was very aromatic and danced on your tongue. I was alone in my enjoyment of this one amongst my colleagues, but it just goes to show that there’s a whiskey for everyone.

We would like to thank Brown Forman for inviting us and giving me a greater admiration for whiskey in all its forms.


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