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“Take A Year Off” Daniel Ricciardo Leaks, Considers Reserve Driver Position

The Dutch Grand Prix was full of drama, but one little detail missed a lot of people initially involving Daniel Ricciardo....

The Dutch Grand Prix was full of drama, but one little detail missed a lot of people initially. Daniel Ricciardo was chatting with Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez, where microphones caught Ricciardo saying: “Take a year off and come back in 2024.”

Daniel Ricciardo has said that he will take a break if necessary because he is not done with the sport just yet. Despite this, Ricciardo hasn’t confirmed his future plans just yet.

He told CODE Sports that he is willing to skip the 2023 for a seat in a competitive team in 2024. Some fans believe this is wishful thinking.

“I wouldn’t give up on F1. If it means I’m not on the grid next year, I will certainly try to find a way to be on there in 2024. It’s honestly the only racing I’m really interested in at the moment.

“My mindset is still I’m an F1 driver. I am proud of what I’ve done, but I still feel there’s a bit more to show or to give myself. I wouldn’t race another category next year. That fire in my gut is still there. It hasn’t gone away.

“There are pros with having some time off as well. The last 18 months have been more challenging than not, so maybe some time away would do me good. But then obviously staying active in here is good. So that’s why I want to hear everything. Even if its reserve, I don’t’ want to be too proud to say, ‘I’m too good for that.’ I just want to hear everything and see what makes sense.”

Ideally, Ricciardo will be after the now empty seat at Alpine, his former team in 2019 and 2020. However, rumours are circling that Pierre Gasly is being considered for the seat, but Helmut Marko denies this.

Many fans consider Ricciardo taking a break to be the worst option for him as there is no guarantee teams will be looking to bring him back considering there are a host of young, talented, up and coming drivers ready to take the plunge into F1.


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