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Mr Potato: The Restaurant Aiming To Rehabilitate The Potato

The Beyond Impossible podcast makes its triumphant debut with guests Jess Davis and Tyson Hoffmann from Mr Potato....

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation over the years: some in the fitness and health community have even sworn-off consuming them, as they view carbs as the harbingers of weight gain. 

One such carb-heavy food is the potato: once praised as a versatile food that could be adopted as a staple of any diet, the noble tater seems to have fallen out of grace in recent years.

However, one Aussie restaurant chain, Mr Potato, has made it their mission to ensure customers can still enjoy potatoes, without worrying about consuming excess carbs. 

Mr Potato was founded in 2018 by former model Jess Davis and her partner Tyson Hoffmann, an Adelaide 36er’s basketball player. Both their careers required them to eat nutritional meals, but in their high-octane lives, there were few options for healthy, affordable takeaway.

Ergo, the two decided to be the change they wanted to see in the world: they created Mr Potato to provide a healthier iteration of the traditional baked potato. Originally starting out in South Australia, the couple soon expanded their ambitions, and there are now 11 Mr Potato locations across the country.

Mr Potato provides a choice of a base between low carb white potatoes that have 25% less carbs than a normal potato, and the golden sweet potato that’s already low in carbs. The potatoes can then be loaded with meats, vegetables and cheeses, creating a healthier alternative to the renowned halal snack pack that dominates the Australian takeaway industry.

All Mr Potato menu options are low sugar, low-fat, and low-carb, ensuring that customers don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in some quick and easy fast food. Couple that with affordable pricing, and Mr Potato seems to have found the perfect recipe to put the potato back on the map.

For Sydney locals eager to give Mr Potato a try, they won’t have to wait long: a store is slated to open in the suburb of Newtown over the coming months. Expect it to change your relationship with potatoes for good.


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