Christian Horner Vouches For Daniel Ricciardo Seat At Alpine

It’s no secret that Daniel Ricciardo is having a tough time in F1 recently and while there have been a slew of people taking shots at the Australian, his old boss, Christian Horner, believes he should be given another go.

Speaking on the F1: Beyond the Grid podcast, Horner defended Ricciardo and believes that despite a recent slump in performance, he is still capable on winning races and podiums.

“I think I probably would [go with Ricciardo] to be honest with you. They [Alpine] obviously know him from a couple of seasons ago and he was very together during his last season there, scoring podiums, and I think he’s the type of guy that, I think you could rebuild him.

“It’s obviously not been a great experience for him (at McLaren) for whatever reason,” said Horner. “But you just have to think back to some of the drives that he did for us, some of the wins he had, the podiums, some of the stunning overtakes he was capable of… that’s still in there I’m sure, he just needs a bit of a reset.”

Former F1 world champion, Jacques Villeneuve, thinks otherwise and questions why Alpine would bother to take on Ricciardo after his “terrible” last few years in the sport.

“He had two terrible years at Renault and two even more terrible years at McLaren. That’s four years. Almost half of his Formula 1 career was bad.

“Alpine have no reason to take him, especially when he’s driven there before,” Villeneuve added.

Many have been quick to point out that Villeneuve is known for his inflammatory comments in the sport, and question whether he has a valid point here or not. Ultimately, it will be up to Alpine to decide on Ricciardo’s future.

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