Credit: Ferrari

Since the 1940s, Ferrari has been a leader in luxury automobiles. Though known for their high-performance sports cars, they’ve recently followed the trend laid out by their competitors and unveiled the car they swore they’d never build.

Ferrari’s first, ultra-luxury SUV is dubbed ‘The Purosangue,’ by the Italian giants. A title ordinarily used in reference to thoroughbred, high quality horses, the sleek SUV does not fail to live up to its name. With a 6.5-liter V-12 engine making 528 pound-feet of torque, the Purosangue does not compromise speed for style. In fact, Ferrari claim its top speed is 193mph with a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, rendering it one of the fastest SUVs ever created. It boasts various other features including a new suspension system and a quick-shifting eight speed transmission with all-wheel drive available up to the 4th gear.

The luxury SUV comes along with the many stylistic features of the SUV, including power-operated rear-hinged doors that open with a small switch paddle to give the illusion of a two-door appearance. The spacious and comfortable back seats are individual and split by a centre console, much like the front seats, making for a 473 litre capacity in total, the largest Ferrari has ever produced. Though there is no centre-mounted touch screen at the front, the steering wheel features most of the car’s controls, and there is a 10.2 inch screen for the passenger, and a 10.2 inch digital gauge cluster.

Starting at $400 000 USD, the Purosangue certainly has a price tag to suit its luxury. In a subtle dig at its competitors, Ferrari have indicated that they do not want the SUV to make up more than 20% of their sales, and as such, it is expected to be a difficult purchase to make when it hits the market in 2023.