Matthew McConaughey Picture “Dallas Sting” Pulled Six Weeks Before Production

Production on Matthew McConaughey’s newest project, Dallas Sting, was just six weeks away from commencement when the production company, Skydance, pulled the plug.

The film was set to be a drama based on the true story of a Dallas women’s soccer team comprising of high school girls. In 1984, the team went to China to compete in the first world championship for women’s soccer. This is set against the background of U.S. President Ronald Reagan attempting to open up relations with China.

According to Deadline, Skydance and various producers pulled out of the project over an impropriety they were made aware of. They launched an investigation and discovered that the allegations were serious. Details over this impropriety haven’t been released. McConaughey has also pulled out of the project.

Credit: Alicia Tannery

McConaughey was set to star as the coach, Bill Kinder, who led the team to upset victories over Japan, China, Australia and Italy. Kinder had no experience with soccer before forming the team.

Simply getting the team to the championship required a huge effort. Kinder was forced to get a reference from a gynaecologist to assert that playing soccer wouldn’t harm a woman’s reproductive organs. He even had to charge $85,000 on his credit cards for plane tickets to get the girls to China. Everyone expected them to lose badly, instead they far exceeded expectations.

Unfortunately, this picture will never see the light of day.

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