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The Life Of An F1 Ferrari Apologist

The pain, the nightmares... the heartbreak. I love being a Ferrari fan. ...

Ferrari fans this season have simply had to find ways to cope with the ridiculous amount of missed opportunities and blunders. I have said a few of these myself, and yes, this hurt me to make. 

It's Still Mathematically Possible for Charles to Win the Championship!

There’s still plenty of races to go! Even with these blunders, Ferrari will learn lessons from their mistakes and Charles can go on to win, you’ll see!

The Ferrari Pit Wall is Woefully Incompetent. Who Doesn't Love the Drama Though?

(laughing through tears)

At Least the Car is Fast!

The car is without a doubt the fastest on the track. Even with the strategy blunders, bad luck, and driver errors, the car is fast enough to get past all of that! Right? Right?!

It's Not Mattia Binotto's Fault, Blame Iñaki Rueda!

Mattia is manager of the whole team! He isn’t making strategy decisions! It’s not like he has the power to hire and fire people based on their performance… 

At Least We Have Two Great Drivers!

The best driver pairing on the grid! Their skill alone can make up for any shortcomings on the pit wall, right? Carlos might’ve struggled at the beginning but Charles made up for it! 

Charles is letting the pressure of the Championship get to his head. At least Carlos is back on form!

Ferrari Taking a Toll on My Mental Health? Not at all, They'll Bounce Back!

I can take Ferrari’s constant blunders because I know they’ll learn from them and bounce back! That’s what good teams do!

They Can't Have a Race Worse Than [Insert Race]! Only Up From Here

No, it’s not taking a toll on my mental health. 

They Have the Summer Break to Come Up With Plenty of Strategies

Surely it will get better… surely. 

Why Should We Be Worries About Mercedes' Pace?

Mercedes are rubbish this year, there’s no way this incredibly successful and competent team could possibly stage a comeback? 

It Hurts to be a Ferrari Fan

(softly) don’t.


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