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Sticky Fingers Storm Off Stage Midway Through Melbourne Set

As if to confirm what we already knew, Dylan Frost, lead singer of Australian rock band Sticky Fingers, is still a d**khead. What has he done recently? He stormed off...
Credit: Rachel Murdolo

As if to confirm what we already knew, Dylan Frost, lead singer of Australian rock band Sticky Fingers, is still a d**khead. What has he done recently? He stormed off stage in the middle the bands set in Melbourne without explanation.

The frontman admitted he “lost control” – either a reference to his substance abuse problems or his bipolar schizophrenia. Sticky Fingers were only seven songs into their set when Frost became upset. Footage shows Frost smacking his microphone to the ground along with his guitar.

The rest of the band must have realised he wasn’t coming back when they went offstage shortly after Frost. It took ten minutes for organisers to announce that the show had been cancelled.

What caused Frost’s dummy spit? The Herald Sun reports it was a faulty microphone that might have caused the tantrum.

So much for “the show must go on.”

Frost did respond on Facebook to apologise to fans, “I’m really sorry for last night Melbourne. I’ve been working hard on myself and will continue to prioritise my health, but I still let a lot of you down. I want to apologise to the fans and my band, our crew and venue staff.

“The tour has been amazing so far and we wanted to end it big, but I just didn’t have it last night and I lost control. We’re working on a new date to make it up to everyone or refunds for those who want them and we will let you know plans soon.”

Should we accept this apology or is this just another excuse for his own poor behaviour? In the comment section of the Facebook post, the fans it seems are okay with it and are sending the band love and support. This would be fine normally, but this isn’t the first time the band have pulled stunts like this, if anything this one is very minor in comparison.

One of the most serious allegations against Frost comes from Indigenous artist, Thelma Plum. She alleged that Frost had racially abused and threatened her in 2016 while they were at a pub.

Frost made excuses and apologies after he was exposed. The band went on a two-year hiatus after this event with Frost entering rehab willingly.

He was also diagnosed bipolar schizophrenia in 2016.

Despite that stint in rehab, Frost has continued his poor behaviour. In 2018, he was kicked out of pub in Newtown in Sydney’s inner-west when he allegedly verbally abused a transgender woman. There is a lot of “he said, she said” in this situation but it does fit into a pattern.

Frost has admitted his struggles with alcoholism and mental health, but his behaviour has hardly changed.

In 2019, Frost and bassist, Paddy Cornwall, got into a physical altercation near the Red Rattler Theatre recording studio in Marrickville, Sydney. Lawyer Paul McGirr said that there had been ongoing issues “with Paddy looking after Dylan Frost” before Dylan instigated the fight. McGirr likened the fight to “close brothers having a fight.” Cornwall was sentenced to serve 18 months’ jail to be served in the community after pleading guilty.

Cornwall had written a note shortly after the altercation that was shown in court, “Here cuz I love you. Unconditionally. It sucks it came to this after such a lovely day. I really enjoyed it. Until that last part. Let’s get it together you bratty bastard.”

While any opinions put forward will not change any Stick Fingers fans’ minds, they have stuck with the band no matter what allegations have thrown against them. “Boys will be boys” isn’t quite dead yet it seems.


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