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Code 41 Mecascape Sublimation 1: A Pocket Watch For the Smartphone Generation

The Code 41 Mecascape is a pocketwatch with a modern twist that makes it perfect for the smartphone generation....

Every now and then something comes along and breaks the internet. Well this isn’t one of them, but it certainly breaks the mould, at the same time (although I’m sure it wasn’t intentional) it cheekily alludes to the fact that most of us these days tell the time using our phones instead of our watches. 

So what better way to go after this “pocket watch” market, ie, most of us, by making a literal pocket watch in the shape of a smartphone? How smart is that?

It’s not a new thing to any of us to pull out the phone when we want to check the time. Heck, I do that a lot. I would stare at my watch for minutes and admiring the dial or my reflection in the sapphire crystal, and taking endless wrist shots and selfies with the watch, looking for that perfect angle and lighting, only to then check the phone for the time. Admit it. You’ve all done it.

Even to the point when I’m pressed for time and minutes matter, I don’t trust my trusty thousands-of-dollars Swiss mechanical perfection, accurate to within seconds a day, simply because I don’t remember if I’ve wound it up in the morning or set it to the correct time. I’d much rather pull out the phone again to check the exact time so I don’t miss my oft-delayed and cancelled public transport (Yes, I have an expensive Swiss watch but I catch PT. I have my priorities straight).

This brings me to talk about the latest release from Code 41- a mechanical pocket watch for the smart phone generation.

Before I go on, I need to clear something up.

And I believe some of you readers felt as if we are paid by brands to spruik their wares… HA!!! This goes to show how little you know about the watch world. It ain’t fashion and influencers y’all. So let me make it clear here. IF ever we get paid to review a watch, we WILL disclose the relationship. We will hammer you about it. Because it would be so rare of an occasion that we’ll literally make a song and dance about it. It would be a celebration. We would be so appreciative of the gesture we’d probably be thanking the brand every second sentence. However, this will not affect our integrity. IF we don’t like something we probably won’t review it. What’s the point? The world is negative enough without us negging on others…

Code 41 is in fact a very interesting project founded by a watch industry veteran and works with the broader watch community. It’s something we might look at exploring in the future, but for now, the focus is on the latest creation.

The “Mecascape Sublimation 1” is an eight-day manually wound watch with a second time zone function. The main time display is regulateur style, meaning the hours, minutes and seconds hands are all separated. It is presented in a very industrial, modern skeletonised style, reminiscent of the likes of Richard Mille. It is in the shape and size similar to a modern-day smart phone, and it comes with a leather pouch to protect, and a stand so you can prop it up on the desk and use it as a clock.

Made from grade 5 titanium and measuring 108mm by 71mm, with a relatively thin 8mm thickness, it’s a size we’re all used to and would probably adapt to quite quickly. It would be very interesting to see the uptake of this design. At just under $10k Euro a pop (around $16,500 incl. GST in Aussie Dollarbux), it’s not outrageous per se given what you’re getting but it’s not exactly in the impulse-buy segment. 

Oh and by the way, if you’re wondering, 41 is the Swiss country code…


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