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For Polar Snipers Who Have Done Too Much Cocaine: The IWC Lake Tahoe Edition

Watches are more than just timekeepers, they make their wearers feel something. That being said, this is why I think the IWC Lake Tahoe is the perfect watch for polar...

I must preface this article by saying that the only reason why we natural humans still obsess over mechanical watches is because they evoke emotion within us. We can come up with a million reasons to find the logic as to why we obsess over these watches citing the material they’re made out of, the precision of the movement or even the aesthetic appeal. Yet truly, the reason why we’re so obsessed with watches, especially the ones with a $15,900 price tag, it’s because they make us feel something.   

Let me explain. A Toyota Corolla and a Ferrari 488 GTB do the exact same thing. They drive us from point A to point B. They both play music. They both have seats and brake pads. Logically, we should all be driving Toyota Corollas. They’re machine made, easy to replace if an accident occurs, and super reliable. 

Yet we are all drawn to the Ferrari. It’s red, it’s loud. It sounds like it’s exploding when you stomp down on the accelerator. It’s hot, it’s a head turner. It smells better…and it’s rarer.  

The same can be said of mechanical watches. Yes, the quartz is a better movement, and yes, it’s easier to replace, and yes, I promise you that I understand buying a $50 Casio does the same, if not a better job, than an IWC watch (we’ll get into this in a second) but it doesn’t make me feel the same as an expensive watch does.  

Something cheap and battery powered that can be inserted on your wrist is something the logical person should aspire to have. But when 007 puts on an Omega Seamaster, I simply want that watch more than I want a Casio. When Breitling sent the first watch to space, the Breitling Chronomat. I simply want that more than I want anything else. 

When I wear these watches, I get to use my imagination again.  

The difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys. 

And this particular watch, the IWC Lake Tahoe edition, literally makes me feel like a sniper who hunts polar bears for a living, and nestles back into their lodge to do a lot of cocaine. 

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I’m not condoning it, but you take one look at this watch and tell me it doesn’t make you feel the same.  

Are there polar bears in Lake Tahoe? Absolutely not. But does this watch make me want to pursue an unnecessary life of hunting them? You’re damn right it does.  

The case is made out of pure ceramic – unnecessary.

The movement is an IWC manufactured 69380 calibre movement with soft-iron inner cases so that the movement itself is protected from the effects of magnetic fields. Yet again, how often are we around super magnetic fields that this is even needed – unnecessary.  

The watch also has a beautiful TOP GUN logo on the caseback as an engraving – yet again, super unnecessary 

All of the functions of this watch can be done, by a Casio. But I don’t want a Casio, I want an IWC. But the Casio does the same things! Yes, yes I understand why, but the Corolla also does the same thing as a Ferrari. That doesn’t make me want the Ferrari any less. I want the Ferrari more because of it.  

We don’t buy these watches because they do the same thing. We buy them because they transport us to another world and when I put this IWC on for the first time, I instantly became a polar sniper hunting the bears. You see the watch is a perfect white, that hides well in the snow. The black dial is the perfect contrast allowing super legibility, at night it can glow with superluminova 

Yes, I can also hunt polar bears at night.  

The strap is what sold me most on this watch. I’ve worn rubber before from Rolex, HUBLOT, Breitling, and Audemars Piguet. Yet somehow this was definitely my favourite that I’ve tried onSomething about it being soft and durable at the same time, with a pin buckle that allows for maximum flexibility.  

What is this for? Well just in case I wear two, not three thermals I can quickly adjust the watch for my personal taste (Lake Tahoe can get very cold).  

The specifics of the watch can be discussed at length, yet I don’t think you want to hear or read all that. I strongly believe you want to know why this watch was created, and why it was necessary. 

Yet I don’t have an answer for you. This version of the IWC Pilot watch is completely unnecessary. 

Which is why I want one so bad!  

For more about the IWC Lake Tahoe, check this out.


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