First Fully Steel “CasiOak” Has Been Announced!

Credit: Casio

Casio have just made their fans very happy with an announcement of a line of full steel “CasiOak” watches. No, it isn’t just one special edition watch either, but three new watches. The GMB2100 is essentially a premium version of all the things we love about the “CasiOak.”

Each GMB2100 will feature the iconic octagonal bezel and ana-digi display. But instead of being on the standard resin case, for the first time, these watches will have a stainless-steel case and bracelet. I repeat, there are no external resin elements at all on this watch.

You would be surprised at the dimensions too. This is actually the slimmest case on a full-metal G-Shock ever. The reworked case dimensions are 49.7mm x 44.4mm across and 12.8mm in height. You can’t argue that doesn’t sound just a little bit premium.


Three case finishes will be available as well: classic steel (GMB2100D-1A), black IP-coated steel (GMB2100BD-1A), and copper IP-coated steel (GMB2100GD-5A). The classic steel will go for $550 USD (~$785 AUD) and the other two $600 USD (~$855 AUD).

The cases are crafted with a surface-finishing procedure. Around the caseband you’ll find the watch has a circular hair-line finish and around the bezel is a reflective satin finish. These have never looked more like a Royal Oak than now and we’re absolutely okay with this.

In terms of complications, this series will have the same functional and three-dimensional dial layout that was present on the GA-B2100 released a few months ago. But there are added complications adding to the overall premium feel. The big one is Bluetooth connectivity that allows the watch to connect to the G-Shock Connected smartphone app. This app simplifies certain watch operations by allowing you do perform them on your phone.

There is also Tough Solar charging that is Casio’s proprietary solar charging system. Not only does this convert sunlight to power, but also light from weak sources like fluorescent lamps. This will allow the watch to drive multiple power-hungry functions without any worry.

These watches will release worldwide on August 12 via selected G-Shock Authorised Retailers, their online store, and at G-Shock’s New York boutique in SoHo.

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