Bastille Festival Sydney is a Delightful Flavour Extravaganza

It was Bastille Day on the 14th July, France’s national day, and we were lucky enough to visit Bon Fromage’s masterclass for wine and cheese pairings. We learnt a lot, and certainly got in the mood for the whole of Bastille Festival in Sydney that started on the 14th and ends on the 18th July.

In the Rocks, we found inside one of the historical buildings a portal to provincial France. That’s how it felt anyway. Cheese and wine everywhere and not to mention bread! The exposed stone and timber of the interior really took you back to the Old Country.

There is a lot to get into when you start talking about wine and cheese pairings. I knew very little personally, but I was excited to learn. One of those things I learnt was that you didn’t necessarily have to pair cheeses with wine if you were daring enough. Kombucha was one of those interesting pairings that to my surprise was delicious with a few of the cheeses I paired it with.

The pairings were successful due in large part to the expertise of our hosts. Aurore Ghigo, the resident cheese monger, was incredibly knowledgeable. So knowledgeable that I was wrapped in the history of the whole process of wine and cheese making more so than I was actually eating it. Six different cheeses were paired with a delectable choice of not just wine, but also beer and cider, all of which brought unique flavours not just to the cheese but on their own too. My personal favourite pairing was honestly the Comte and vegemite. Yes, it wasn’t with any of the wines but with good ol’ vegemite – leave your angry comments below

With our bellies full and our thirsts quenched, we headed up to Circular Quay to check out the Bastille Festival proper. If you love European cuisine then this is the place to be. There are so many food options it will make your head spin. There are commonly associated French foods like escargot available, but also huge dishes of paella. Given that it is winter there’s nothing that will warm you up better than mulled wine. Grab a cup and take a wander through all the stalls, maybe buy a beret?

The Bastille Festival will be running all this weekend and ends on the 18th July. Get in quick for a lovely day of delicious European food and drink. Do you know what the best part is? Entry is completely free!

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