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Why Are We Obsessed With Time?

Why are men obsessed with time? Or, better yet, why are we so obsessed with wristwatches?...

Why are Men obsessed with time? Or, better yet, why are we so obsessed with wristwatches?

Time is both infinite and finite. It’s not something we can control, yet it’s something we all obsess over. Our obsession with time reveals itself in different ways. For example, what we can manage to do in such a small amount of time? How efficient we can be with our time? But most of all, we’re obsessed with what contains the time – phones, tablets, laptops and in this particular writer’s opinion; wristwatches.

Yes. Wristwatches.

All men, at least to some degree, are obsessed with what sits on their wrist. Is it because of the tool necessity that these watches bring? Maybe. Or is it possible that it’s because of the added functionality that’s so easily accessible. Maybe that too.

But truly the reason we’re obsessed with watches is because they somehow evoke emotion. And we’re obsessed with collecting watches because of the emotion that each individual watch can evoke in us.

If I wear a Seiko 5, I know it’s mass produced, but we have, in essence, the best type of automatic watch movement. Tried, tested, reliable, Japanese made, and at a cheap price point. I can wear my Seiko 5 and have zero fear that it will be stolen. I don’t care if it’s damaged. I don’t care if the straps don’t work. It’s $500 and I can replace it.


Much the same, my Tudor Pelagos FXD will have me enjoying the robustness and willing to endure the severity of the ocean like a member of the French Navy. Those aren’t my words by the way, they’re the words featured on Tudors website when I go visit the FXD landing page.

And we all love A. Lange and Sohne. Because we all aspire to be that CEO who can spend upwards of $50,000 on something so elegant yet understated at the same time and with a sneaky wink, we love the status it gives us too.

And in particular for men, it’s extremely hard for us to show our emotion. If we wear a T-Shirt that says “Givenchy” across the front, we instantly look like a douchebag. If we wear a tracksuit that’s bright coloured, we instantly become a f**kwit.

Yet somehow if we wear a wristwatch worth more than the regular persons annual salary, it’s considered a boss move.

There is absolutely no need for a luxury wristwatch in today’s day and age. We don’t need an unreliable watch that can only keep time between +-2 per day. We don’t need something that’s so highly finished, that it took 40 hours with the smallest brush to do so, and we certainly don’t need to pay the price tag to have one.

But damn it, if we’re not happy when we get one.


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