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Vivid Sydney: High Tea At The Sheraton Hotel

High Tea at the Sheraton Hotel is a half-baked idea that costs way too much for what it is....

Vivid has been an opportunity for many businesses to get experimental and colourful. The Sheraton Hotel in Sydney is no exception and have created a Vivid inspired high tea. What does that mean? Well, it’s a high tea, but it’s colourful… and overpriced.

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of sweets so a high tea was never going to hit the top of my list of favourites. Saying that though, there were things I did like about it, though overall this wasn’t an experience to write home about.

One thing I did enjoy was the shimmer sparkling wine we were served. It was great fun. Three flavours were available – strawberry, lime, and blueberry – and while there wasn’t a huge distinction in flavour between them, they were pretty enough that I didn’t care. And that philosophy seems to have permeated the high tea – make it pretty and maybe they won’t care if it’s average tasting.

Getting onto the food, there was a selection of sweet and savoury servings. I was immediately drawn to the tandoori chicken with mint yoghurt and shaved cucumber on a brioche bun. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t anything amazing.

What was amazing though was the beetroot and feta arancini with saffron aioli. I hate beetroot and this completely won me over.

The mushroom and brie tart with caramelised onion mascarpone was a delightful surprise. Tangy and crumbly I thought it was delightful.

I tried my best to enjoy the smoked salmon with herb sour cream rainbow bagel, but the bagel was stale and the salmon had a strange taste to it. I would describe it as tangy, but that isn’t quite right either. It was cool to see the rainbow bagel but this was all spectacle and no substance.

The sweet section was a struggle for me. The mango ginger slice with rainbow sour stripe was a completely fine sweet, but as it turned out, it would be the best of the bunch. The vanilla biscuit tart filled with mandarin curd and Italian merinque, was pretty atrocious with only the tart mandarin flavour being present. The strawberry mousse was way, way too sweet and I swear I could only taste the sugar. As if to be the mousse’s opposite was the berry chocolate dipped madeleine with chocolate freckles which was a bland chewy spongecake that left more than a little to be desired.

Being in the Sheraton is nice, and the presentation was delightful and pretty but that was all it had to offer. For $89pp I would have expected more effort, more thought, and simply tastier food.

I must say that the staff were delightful and very helpful. No complaints there, in fact, they gave fantastic service.

I must say that the staff were delightful and very helpful. No complaints there, in fact, they gave fantastic service.


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