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Visiting The Gucci x Adidas Pop-Up

Gucci may have just made Adidas that much cooler despite the hefty price tag. We visited their pop-up in Sydney and what we found was amazing....
All photos credited to Alexander Robinson

We’ve seen collaborations between fashion brands a lot the last twelve months; Fendi and Versace have brought us the loudest lux outfits money can make and buy, Louis Vuitton + Nike debuted some of the rarest sneakers available and this week Gucci * Adidas dropped.

How would I describe it? The most Gucci and Adidas line up I’ve ever seen before?

How can two worlds be so distant, yet so close together? That’s what this collaboration feels like.

Why wasn’t this done before one might ask? Maybe it was the profit distribution? Or maybe we were just waiting for the right person to come along and design it. Whatever it was, the Gucci x Adidas is the most perfect collab we could have asked for.

From knee high socks in multiple colours, the leather bucket hats featuring Gucci and Adidas logos, to the oversized hoodies and mismatched sweatpants. Gucci has nailed what it is to be Adidas, and Adidas has captured the essence of Gucci.

It’s high-end, high quality luxury streetwear. Oh, and it’s hella funky too.

Does it feel any different to what Adidas usually offers? Surprisingly it does. You can genuinely feel the materials are different. The cotton is thicker, the T-Shirts are heavier, and the pants have more texture to them.

Every piece of clothing was hand-crafted to suit its designated target audience. Whether it be an 18-year-old who just received a tax return, or the foreign expat looking to splurge $5000 on a Gucci jumpsuit.

Stepping into the pop-up store in Pitt Street mall, you could see no corners were cut in this collaboration. All 5 senses are hit, from the music, to the fitout, to the styled mannequins, the cocktails and more.

How do I describe this? You’re basically walking into a party, your favourite celebrities are there, no one is sitting in the corner, and everybody wants to be your friend.

You can see that Gucci went all in on this collaboration with Adidas, and you can feel the success of it as each person who walks in seemingly walks out handing thousands of dollars over, with a big smile on their face and an Adidas and Gucci bag held in hand.

What do we think? Gucci just made Adidas exactly who they’re supposed to be. Cool, funky, and a little bit quirky.


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