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The Australian GP On The F1 Calendar Until 2035

The Australian GP will stick around until at least 2035! Unfortunate for Sydney, but a big win for Australia!...
Credit: F1

Not too long ago there was talk that the Australian GP could move to Sydney, but that hope has faded away to dust because Melbourne will be hosting the Grand Prix until at least 2035.

Melbourne’s contract with F1 was due to expire in 2025, but how many could have expected an extension until 2035! F1 president & CEO, Stefano Domenicali, said via statement, “The race has always been a favourite for the fans, drivers, and the teams – and Melbourne is an incredible and vibrant international city that is a perfect match for our sport.”

On top of this, Formula 2 and Formula 3 events will also be held at Albert Park from 2023 onwards. A very exciting turn of events.

As Bruno Michel, CEO of Formula 2 and 3 noted,

“I am extremely happy to add Melbourne to both F2 and F3 calendars from 2023. It further enhances the international aspect of both our championships, having them race on a new continent. It also shows that more and more circuits believe that F2 and F3 are an added value to the Formula 1 Grand Prix experience, showcasing the next generation of drivers.”

We had huge crowds at the last Melbourne Grand Prix, in fact, it was bigger than huge, it was the largest sporting event in the history of Australia!

As Stefano Domenicali added, “This year we saw huge crowds and passionate fans at the Grand Prix, and we are very excited by the future in Australia as our sport continues to grow.”


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