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Hands-on Hublot: Revisiting the Art of Fusion

We were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the newest collection of Hublot watches....
All photos credited to Alexander Robinson

Hublot has always been one of my favourite brands of watches.  Not because of the designs, nor because of the brand heritage, but because of the audaciousness of the actual product. You don’t buy a Hublot to be hidden and refined. You buy a Hublot because you want something on your wrist that looks like it’s going to explode.

It’s like the watch is saying, “You my friend, the Hublot shopper, are genuinely insane in all the right ways and we love you for it. You’re not chasing status, nor are you chasing investments. You’re chasing innovation, inspiration and collaboration.”

That is why you love Hublot, and that is why we love Hublot.  

At Watches and Wonders this year Hublot came out with several new watches in their collection of which we were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with them.

Let’s take a peek. 

The Square Bang

At first glance, we strongly believe the Big Bang Square took inspiration from the XL version of that Cartier watch everybody cares about. But honestly who gives a single S***. This watch is 100 times better than that. The curve case fits perfectly around your wrist, combined with a comfy rubber strap, you can’t ask for much more. It features an UNICO movement with the flyback chronograph (one of the most accurate flyback chronographs on the market at the moment mind you).

The Big Bang Ceramic

This is Hublot to a tee. Bright colours, experimental materials, all housing one hell of a movement packed into 42mm. The Ceramic Big Bang doesn’t allow for quick strap changes like the others, but my God if it doesn’t make up for it in its colouring.

I’ll be honest, this watch is made for the collector that doesn’t count money, they weigh it. It is specifically created for those who have already accumulated 12-15 watches in their collection and think to themselves, “You know what? I could use, a $32,000 bright blue piece of horology on my wrist.” Half a regular person’s yearly salary, all captured on a person’s wrist.

Perfectly Hublot, perfectly f**k you too.

The Orlinksi Collection

Richard Orlinski makes beautiful sculptures, and his line of Hublot watches have been an absolute hit with the collector market. Will they withstand the test of time? That I cannot tell you. But for tomorrow’s watch wearer, the new Orlinski 40mm featured on a bracelet, is a perfectly refined piece of engineering.

Several watch companies will do their best, but not many can compete with what HUBLOT has done here. Specifically with the steel and diamond bracelet.

Still…using an ETA movement was a bit of a turnoff.

The Spirit of Big Bang - Tourbillon

I personally have never held a Tourbillon before, nor had I ever expected too. They’re way out of my league, my price range or anything that I’ll ever be able to afford. $140 000 for a watch isn’t cheap. But I’m still allowed to marvel at the accuracy of it all.

Hublot have used the Tourbillon movement in its TORNAU shaped spirit of big bang watch to bring the best of Hublot to life. Hublot has gone away from using their 45mm cases for their spirit of Big Bangs and have moved more towards the 42mm.The use of multiple materials, whether it’s coloured sapphire or it’s a form of ceramic, Hublot continue to move towards their essence of being the watch that incapsulates the art of fusion.

My impression: I mean Hublot is going to be Hublot. They’re going to market themselves like crazy, they’re going to build large recognisable watches that are conversation starters. They’re not here to ask you for the validation. They’re going to tell you that these are their watches, and they’re going to make the best of the best.

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