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Winners & Losers At The Met Gala 2022

The Met Gala is one of the biggest days in fashion and the theme this year is "gilded glamour."...

The Met Gala is one of the biggest days in fashion and the theme this year is “gilded glamour.”

“Gilded glamour” is set to coincide with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion.” The theme is meant to evoke New York in the late 19th century but some attendees adhered to this more than others. Let’s take a look. 

UPDATE: The 2023 Met Gala Winners & Losers

Blake Lively - Winner

She’s one of the hosts of the Met Gala and so she had to make sure that she killed it. And killed it she did. This Versace dress fits the “gilded glamour” theme to a T. Easily one of the best dresses of the Gala and it also transforms! 

Kylie Jenner - Loser

Sweetie. Sweetie no. Stop. What is this? I don’t know if I hate the dress as much as I hate that hat and veil! It’s a new iteration of Virgil Abloh’s posthumous 2022 Off-White show that’s on display at the exhibit but while the intention is good, the execution falls hilariously flat. 

Billie Eilish - Winner

One of the few ladies that actually stuck to theme and it’s fantastic. It’s an up cycled Gucci gown by Alessandro Michele that Billie said was to be as “eco-friendly as possible.” She really looks like a pastel goth Victorian, and that’s not an insult. 

Sebastian Stan - Winner

That Maison Valentino pink is really making the rounds. While this could be further from the theme, it is a very fresh look that I can’t help but enjoy. This probably would have been better in 2019 when “camp” was the theme, but whatever, at least we got to see it now. 

Maisie Williams - Loser

I don’t actually hate her dress or anything but the makeup, hair, and her apparent lack of eyebrows (I believe they’re dyed blonde) is really not doing her any favours. I do enjoy the shawl/wrap and at least she’s on theme but it really isn’t working. 

Stormzy - Winner

It’s Stormzy innit? He looks bloody fresh as hell. He got the theme, he did the homework and he wasn’t all in your face about it. Very classy look from the British rapper. Those lapels with that cape? Mwah, so good. 

Frederick Robertsson - Winner/Loser

Okay so heaps of people thought this was Jared Leto but it is in fact, Frederick Robertsson. I had to put this as a winner and a loser because I really respect what’s going on here and it’s a really interesting look, but at the same time I don’t think it looks that good either? I’m really torn between my curiosity and my sense of taste. 

Megan Thee Stallion - Winner

Now THIS is gilded. This Moschino gown is perfect for the theme and doesn’t she just look absolutely fabulous? Personal favourite of mine is the feathered shoulder epaulettes. She looks like an absolute queen. 

Nicki Minaj - Loser

I’ve come to the conclusion that we should stop trying to make baseball caps a fashion statement. Much like Kylie Jenner, this just isn’t doing her any favours and that massive belt buckle makes her look like a clown. Not really sure what’s going on with the body art/glitter either. 

Glenn Close - Winner

I don’t know how she does it, but she look amazing here in Valentino pink. The embroidery is fantastic and provides a little more texture to the pink that really takes it to the next level. Slick backed silver hair is also a fantastic addition. 

Kodi Smit-Mcphee - Loser

I just really dislike this outfit. I hate the red gloves, I don’t like his shirt and his Bottega leather “denim” pants fit well but I just don’t know what this is. It’s not on theme. It’s not an outfit. It’s just four random items of clothing put together. 

Gigi Hadid - Winner/Loser

Now you might be wondering why Gigi is a winner and a loser. It’s because while she has that puffer on, she looks great, but once she takes it off, the whole outfit loses is lustre. Granted I’m saying if you take away one crucial element of the outfit away it doesn’t work (no shit) but she invited the comparison when she showed up without the jacket. 

Irina Shayk - Winner

Step on me? 

Camila Cabello - Loser

This just isn’t working. The top isn’t doing her any favours and the dress makes her look like she’s constantly standing on one leg like a flamingo. It’s also barely in theme but that’s almost entirely due to the train behind her. 

Olivia Rodrigo - Winner

This is simple and stunning. Versace looks good on her and she is right on the money with the theme. The butterflies in her hair add to her pop-punk/emo girl look that she’s going for outside of the red carpet. 

Jordon Roth - Winner

This is out there and I’m not even completely sure if it’s on theme but it’s so interesting that I couldn’t keep it off of this list. This is from Thom Browne and the cocoon like coat transforms into three separate looks. At the very least it’s an exciting design. 

Ashley Park - Loser

As someone put it to me, her dress looks like an odd 1800s courtesan’s. I don’t know what the go is with those feathers I think it really messes with the silhouette. 

Shawn Mendes - Winner

Doctor Strange move over because we have a new wizard in town. I can’t deny the comparison but I do think it’s an absolutely fabulous outfit that totally fits the theme and considering so few actually did, it bears mentioning. 

Evan Mock - Winner

I think I just like the collar and corset combo on a man. The pink hair is a nice touch that compliments the yellow tux. Also like Shawn Mendes, he was one of the few men that actually stuck to the theme. 

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