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Which Star Wars Characters Would Wear Which Watch?

We've never seen any Star Wars characters wear watches but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't. We aim to find out which Star Wars character fits what watch and let...

We’ve never seen any Star Wars characters wear watches but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t. We aim to find out which Star Wars character fits what watch and let me tell you that this was a bunch of fun. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Credit: Disney

What do we know about Obi-Wan Kenobi? He’s brave, he’s strong, he’s smart, he’s the epitome of a Jedi. He doesn’t break the rules, and he isn’t very silly. So his watch would reflect that wouldn’t you think? 

Credit: Omega

Our pick for Kenobi is the Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Chronometer 41mm. It’s classic and sensible with no frills. It’s perfect and it matches his aesthetic. He probably doesn’t want to muddle things and therefore keeps it simple without the unnecessary complications. He just needs the time. Simple and wise. 

The Mandalorian (Mando)

Credit: Disney

For this selection we’ve stuck to all things chrome and slick… mostly. 

Credit: Bulgari

The Bulgari Octo Finnissimo is a beautiful watch. Mando’s armour is beautiful. They’re both chrome and they’re both fantastically designed. This watch matches his Beskar armour well, so much so that you might even be hard pressed to spot it on his wrist. He’s got 100 different gadgets on him but he just needs something to tell the time so I’m thinking a simple dial would be preferable. 


Credit: Beville's

This watch doesn’t have a name but Mando just loves his adopted son so much. What else do I need to say? He probably wears it under his clothes though. Not the coolest or hardest watch, you know? 

Luke Skywalker

Credit: Disney

Luke is a good boy. The best boy (until The Last Jedi). He also loves flying and is pretty good at it – he did manage to blow up the Death Star. 

Credit: Breitling

If cars were still a thing in space, then Luke absolutely would have been into hot rods. I’m thinking Luke would have worn this back during his days on Tatooine (assuming he could afford it as a moisture farmer). It’s a real boy’s watch and while Luke doesn’t know what a Shelby Cobra is, he was interested in the speeders available to him which are kind of like floating cars. 

Also it matches his lightsaber and outfit from the first two films so there’s that. 


Credit: Patek Philippe

The legendary Patek Philippe Nautilus with the green dial is very appropriate for Jedi Master Luke. One superficial reason is because Luke has a green lightsaber by Return of the Jedi. But a better reason is because once Luke is a Jedi Master, he is low-key, keeping his power hidden, but once you know what’s up you realise he’s crazy powerful. Same thing with the Nautilus: it looks like a regular sports watch but then you learn about it and then you go, “Oh my god is it crazy valuable!”

The Emperor/Palpatine

Credit: Disney

The Emperor is evil, rich, and powerful. His watch tastes would almost certainly reflect this and he probably has some of the most fun with it. 

Credit: Ulysse Gardin

The Ulysse Garden Tourbillion Free Wheel 44mm Rose Gold is expensive and rare. Only 18 pieces were made and you can bet that Palpatine managed to get his hands on one. How? Why? Because he wanted it and that’s all he needs. It’s also incredibly high tech with it’s free-floating components and we all know that Palpatine commissioned the Death Star, maybe the most high-tech weapon in the galaxy until Starkiller Base. 


Credit: Jacob & Co.

This is ultra-high-end watchmaking and Palpatine is the Emperor. No one is above him. But it’s exclusivity and price aren’t the only reason for our pick but also because it’s called the Astronomia Solar Planets & Constellations. Palpatine’s ambition is to rule the whole galaxy so a solar system probably isn’t much in his eyes but it may act as a reminder of his own ambition. 

Darth Vader

Credit: Disney

Darth Vader is more man than machine. He is all power and dominance. His watches are big, angry, and powerful. 

Credit: Roger Dubuis

It looks like an engine for chrissakes! It’s all machine and power. Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Spider Countach is modelled after a Lamborghini so we’re not talking just a little power – after all, you don’t know the true power of the dark side. It’s not a perfect choice because it’s white but maybe Vader wants to add some contrast to his fit? If that doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s to symbolise the hidden light inside of him? You pick.


Credit: Omega

Now this is absolutely Darth Vader’s watch, no questions asked. It’s got the analog dial mixed with a digital face that reminds me of the man and machine aspect of Vader. Also it just looks like it would be a part of his armour doesn’t it? The Omega Spacemaster Z-33 looks like something that comes equipped with his suit and it’s called the Spacemaster, come on. 

Princess Leia

Credit: Disney

Princess Leia may be royalty but that doesn’t mean that she’s prissy. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone and yet she is still a lady. She needs a watch that’s elegant yet sturdy. 

Credit: Rolex

It’s beset in diamonds and it’s a Rolex. Leia is a princess after all, she’s quite rich. But not only that, it’s actually fairly hardy thanks to the stainless steel. The Rolex Day-Date 36 White Gold and Diamonds is a no nonsense watch that is both opulent but still a sports watch. It also just matches Leia’s overall aesthetic. I’m sorry if that keeps coming up but there’s 20 watches on this list so give me a break. 


Credit: Cartier

Is it bad that I chose this purely because Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wears a Cartier Ballon Bleu? Is that too shallow just picking a royal and applying it to Leia? Yes, but it also, get ready for it, matches Leia’s aesthetic. It follows the same reasoning as the Rolex above so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be appropriate. Maybe I should have chosen a watch Carrie Fisher wore? 

Ahsoka Tano

Credit: Disney
Credit: Hublot

Uhhhh… because Ahsoka is orange? No but in all seriousness while it does match her aesthetic, it isn’t the only reason. The case being made of sapphire might make you think that it’s quite fragile, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sapphire is incredibly hard with no cleavage (the tendency to break when struck). This reminds me of Ahsoka. Her foes may underestimate her and think she’s fragile but if they try to break her, they will have discovered that she is more formidable than first impressions would have you believe. Granted my view of Ahsoka is more in line with The Clone Wars rather than her appearances in The Mandalorian which immediately show her as a figure of respect. Regardless, she’ll look pretty good in this watch. 


Credit: Zenith

Ahsoka more likely will want something a little more understated than the Hublot. The Zenith Defy Extreme Desert is sturdy and reliable – some thing Ahsoka needs while she is on the run or in hiding from… basically everyone. If the steel bracelet is too heavy on her wrist she can always replace it with a rubber strap to ensure that this watch lasts through the abuse she’ll likely put it through. 


Credit: Disney

Yoda is small, he’s green, he lives an ascetic lifestyle, and he’s incredibly wise. Perhaps the epitome of a Jedi at least in the minds of his students. 

Credit: Casio

This reminds me of a watch a granddad would wear and what’s Yoda but a grandad to all the Jedi? The Casio A700WMG-9A is a classic and so is Yoda. It’s unpretentious and simple. It’s something that will last Yoda for ages and it’s not real gold so it doesn’t go against his ascetic monk-like values but it still looks good and respectable. I mean if Yoda was a vintage inspired hipster than maybe – but he got into it before it was cool. It’s also small and not likely to look huge and ridiculous on his wrist. 


Now Yoda lives for a very long time, he’s 900 at the time of his death, and a quartz watch like the Casio will most certainly have died before he does. So, for that reason he may prefer a mechanical watch like the Seiko Prospex “Alpinist” that will last or at least that he can repair if need be. It’s also small, unpretentious, and considering he isn’t in battle all that much, a leather bracelet can work. 


Credit: Disney

Chewie is big, hard, and hairy. No, not like that… 

Credit: Seiko

Yes it’s another Seiko Prospex but this one is called “Arnie”. I mean, if it’s big enough for Schwarzenegger, it might be big enough for Chewie. It’s also big, bulky, and very strong so whatever Chewie is getting up to that day, he can be sure his watch can withstand the same abuse he can. The rubber strap is probably a necessity too as a bracelet would probably pull out all his hairs! No one likes an angry Wookie. Given Chewie’s aversion to clothes he probably doesn’t accessorise much other than his bandolier across his chest. At least the case here matches the metal somewhat. 

Kylo Ren

Credit: Disney

Angry emo boy with daddy issues (to put it mildly), but also the most interesting character in the sequels. His watches would certainly be attempting to emulate a certain somebody. 

Credit: Tudor

If Darth Vader is a Rolex, then Kylo Ren is a Tudor. It’s the sister brand that in some ways is superior but also lacking. It also almost wishes it was a Rolex but it’s just short. This is Ren’s character in a nutshell. 

I enjoy the red and blue bezel along the black dial of this Tudor Black Bay GMT. The black because of his robes, and the blue and red to highlight the battle of light and dark being waged inside of Kylo Ren. 

I had another option but having given this some further thought, anything else I choose would be too close to a Vader choice and not as good as this one. Maybe I’m too confident in my choice? 

Mace Windu

Credit: Disney

Samuel L. Jackson picked a purple lightsaber purely because he wanted one. Mace Windu picks a purple watch because he wants one. That’s it.

Credit: Hublot

What do you think of our choices? 

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