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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is An Adrenaline Junky’s Dream Come True

Top Gun: Maverick is a thrilling action film that leaves you in absolute awe....

Top Gun: Maverick is a thrilling action film that leaves you in absolute awe.

Adrenaline junkies get ready for the absolute ride of your life when you see Top Gun: Maverick. For the action alone, this movie is worth the price of admission. It’s so immersive and visceral, you feel like you’re really there in the cockpit.

Having never seen the first Top Gun, I didn’t really know what I was in for. I knew it involved jets and Tom Cruise but that’s about it. Regardless, I found the movie incredibly entertaining and felt that Top Gun: Maverick didn’t rely on the first film at all.

Of course the only beer they serve at the premiere was Budweiser. American beer for an American film

If you had told me this was a standalone film, I would have believed you. At no point did I feel like I was missing information or was confused as to what was going on in the film because I hadn’t seen the first one. I don’t know if they referenced it often and I just took it to be exposition because again, I haven’t seen the first one. But that’s one thing out of the way, you don’t need to see the first to enjoy this and I’ll explain why.

For one thing, the cinematography. Boy do they manage to grab the full scope of dogfighting action set on majestic scenescapes that really took my breath away.

 The shots in the cockpit are awesome and make you really feel like you understand what it’s like to be in one of these powerful machines. When you’re sitting in the cinema, your chair shakes when the jets take off thanks to the brilliant sound design. This is one you have to see in the cinema for that experience alone.

If you’re after action, you’ll find it here in spades and you won’t be disappointed. Adding to the immersion is the minimal use of CGI that really gives weight to the action that is missed in a lot of modern blockbusters, but that’s more of an effect of superhero films being so popular as it would be almost impossible to do an Avengers film in the same style as Top Gun: Maverick.

The weaker points in the film are the more emotional elements but that isn’t the film’s focus. It does have strong characters but that isn’t what the film is really about. That doesn’t mean that the film doesn’t make you feel anything because that couldn’t be further from the truth. It made me feel like I really wanted to get out there and try the impossible. Like I said earlier, adrenaline junkies, this is the movie for you.

I would watch Top Gun: Maverick again purely for the action scenes. They’re that strong. But I can’t say that the scenes in between really offer much else for reachability.


Mind-blowing 10/10

The action and premise were absolutely top notch.

Feels 8/10

It made me feel like I was ready to take on the world, but the character elements let the film down a little.

Dazzling 8/10

The film looks good but there are better looking films, but most blockbusters don’t look this good.

Overall 8.6/10

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