The NOAH x Jimi Hendrix Capsule Is Simple But Effective

The NOAH x Jimi Hendrix capsule is a tribute to the absolute legend that was Jimi Hendrix and his unique style. ...

The NOAH x Jimi Hendrix capsule is a tribute to the absolute legend that was Jimi Hendrix and his unique style.

Noah have just announced a capsule collection celebrating rock legend Jimi Hendrix. It’s a simple collection of panelled t-shirts and jumpers that show off photos of Hendrix himself, the cover art from the album Axis: Bold As Love, and some stylised typography.

Even if you don’t know who Jimi Hendrix is, you’re probably familiar with at least some of his iconic looks or even have caught one of his songs in a movie without knowing it. This collection works no matter what you know about Jimi Hendrix because ultimately the clothes are well designed as they focus on Hendrix’s contribution to fashion and culture at large rather than just his music.

You’ve got the wavy psychedelic font that Hendrix didn’t come up with but certainly helped popularise in the 1960s. The floral prints are also a big 60s thing but Hendrix implemented those in his style often.

The t-shirts in my opinion are not amazing or particularly special but they are still solid staples that many would be keen on. I like the Electric Ladyland portrait on the black t-shirt the most.

The green jumper is phenomenal and so are the other colour variants. Floral décor on the arms and a floral logo on the green jumper is to die for. The other two designs, “And the gods made love” (a reference to Hendrix’s track) and the “bold as love” jumpers are cozy and nice but a little basic for my own liking.

The shirt I could live without, but I absolutely love the corduroy pants with the floral print down the leg. I’m a sucker for floral print it turns out or maybe I just think it ties in with Hendrix well?

To top off the collection, there’s a skateboard with the Axis: Bold as Love cover on the bottom and it’s not a bad look for a skateboard I must say.

The collection is available now at select NOAH locations and will be available on their online store from May 5.


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