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The Best Watches at the Met Gala 2022

Turns out most of the celebrities shunned watches at the Met Gala but the few who did commit really knocked it out of the park....

Turns out most of the celebrities shunned watches at the Met Gala but the few who did commit really knocked it out of the park. 

Papa Essiedu - Hublot Classic Fusion

The Hublot Classic Fusion here is working great with Essiedu’s outfit. It’s just as experimental and out there as his velour suit without a shirt. A great watch paired well with the outfit. 

Adrien Brody - 18k Yellow Gold Cartier Santos de Cartier

This is a classic watch and Adrien Brody went for a classic look. I love a good gold sports watch and while tradition would have him wearing a dress watch at an event like this, the Met Gala is about breaking rules and experimenting. Even if this is a small experiment. 

Sarah Jessica Parker - Cartier Tank SolarBeat

The Cartier Tank made quite a few appearances at the Met Gala but only SJP wore the large version of the watch. That’s odd given that usually women prefer smaller watches (smaller wrists, practicality etc.) but because her dress is so large, she had to have a watch to match! 

Corey Gamble - Patek Philippe Tiffany Nautilus

I knew someone was going to wear this watch at the Met Gala but I didn’t expect it to be Corey Gamble. It’s a pretty versatile watch so pairing it with outfits shouldn’t be too hard and maybe it’s the lighting but I’m not feeling this watch with Gamble’s fit. It’s a great watch though so even with that said it makes it onto this list. 

Mark Rober - Jacob & Co Astronomia Sky Platinum

I love Jacob & Co. and you don’t see too many of them in the wild (or at least I don’t see them). Rober has also paired this very well with his tux – the tones of blue and everything match and the platinum case match the sheen of his lapel. 

J Balvin - Ralph Lauren RL867 Automatic

We’re not big on fashion brand watches but this watch is very sexy indeed. With the black dial it’s hard to go wrong when pairing it with a tuxedo but once again he probably should be wearing this on a leather strap. No big deal though as that rule seems to be acknowledged less and less as time goes on. 

Ryan Reynolds - Speedmaster Moonwatch

You can barely see it in the photo of Reynolds but I swear to you that this is the watch. It’s a beauty too. Reynolds one of the only celebrities to jump on the green dial trend and he’s done well to pair it with his burgundy/brown tuxedo. The gold case and bracelet match the chain on his waistcoat as well. Really well thought out. 

Michelle Yeoh - Richard Mille RM 07-01

I’m willing to admit that this particular RM 07-01 might not be the exact one Yeoh is wearing but it’s pretty close, just remove the red centre. Although that red could match her beautiful green dress, it’s unlikely she went for a Christmas look. What she does have on has a white dial in the picture and that matches both her stunning necklace and dress. Beautiful choice. 

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