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The Best Looks From Måneskin

Måneskin is taking the world by storm not just with their music, but their amazing outfits! Here we have their best looks from sleazy glam looks to Rocky Horror inspired...

Måneskin have been taking the world by storm since they won Eurovision 2021. Not only have they played at Coachella but they’re also gaining the attention of major fashion brands like Gucci. Why? Because they are taking their sleazy, glam, suave looks to the next level with sartorial choices that will have the boys buying a pair of heels and flared pants. 

Who Doesn't Love A Boa?

Credit: Francis Delacroix

The 70s tend to make regular appearances in Måneskin’s sartorial repertoire and you don’t get much more 70s glam rock than a feather boa. You can’t see all their outfits in this photo but just seeing pink and baby blue suits with big lapels makes me happy. Not to mention those snakeskin looking boots – fabulous! 

More Ruffles!

It’s like Shakespeare met Jack Sparrow and I’m all here for it. Remember when Jerry Seinfeld didn’t want to wear the puffy shirt? That’s because he doesn’t have as much attitude as Måneskin. Definitely taking some inspiration from Johnny Depp here but with more renaissance flair. 


This set of absolutely phenomenal looks is for the band’s music video for their single ‘SUPERMODEL’ and they certainly look the part don’t they? Once again the boys have got the great blazers going on with each of them featuring a their own texture and design. That (assumedly) faux-fur coat is also absolutely fabulous. She looks she could be the titular 90s supermodel. 

Soldier Digs

via Instagram @maneskinofficial

This reminds me of that time that Malcolm McLaren dressed up the New York Dolls as Chinese Communists, but whereas that was laughable, this is pulled off far better. For one thing, they’re dressed as soldiers as part of their performance for Ukraine aid, not for shock value. Two, there’s no hammer and sickle and any overtly political imagery, just the sartorial inspiration is from military garbs. 

If The Beatles Wore Leather and Suede

Credit: Holr

It’s not often that bands look this good anymore when they’re wearing matching outfits. Has anyone really since the Beatles? For me, I’m just loving the heels and flared leather pants. The jackets are high cut giving the group a great silhouette. 

Rocky Horror

via Instagram @maneskinofficial

Damiano is always pushing the boundaries and we’re here for it. I’m feeling the Rocky Horror inspiration here and he’s really giving it his all. I do enjoy the additional codpiece, very Judas Priest. 

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