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My Second Day At Australian Fashion Week: AAFW 2022 Day 3

While I was mostly disappointed on the first day of Australian Fashion Week because of my own unfounded expectations, my second day went quite differently....
Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

While I was mostly disappointed on the first day of Australian Fashion Week because of my own unfounded expectations, my second day went quite differently.

Last time, Australian Fashion Week felt like work, and not just for me, but for everyone else present. There weren’t heaps and heaps of people and the general atmosphere was muted. On the third day of fashion week (my second day), it was completely different.

I noticed something had changed the moment we rocked up to the Carriageworks. For starters, there was a horde of people! The energy and atmosphere were absolutely buzzing! Cameras were absolutely everywhere, and everyone was getting their pictures taken. You couldn’t walk without accidentally ending up in someone’s shot. It was a far cry from day one.  

It turns out the shows on a specific day really dictate how many people are around. Who knew? We were actually invited to Karla Spetic’s show. This was going to be my very first fashion show and walking into the gallery I couldn’t help but make a flurry of Zoolander references. This probably would have made a fashion veteran’s eyes roll so far in the back of their head they could see me sitting behind them, but whatever I was having so much fun.

The show itself was interesting. It started with the theme from Jaws which felt… odd. There isn’t much of a beat to walk to and it felt like it just kept going. I’m not sure that choice was for the best and it almost overshadowed the clothes on display, but it turned out to be very much in theme with the clothes. There was a stylised shark silhouette present before the music changed which then progressed into shell shapes and pastels. All very nautical and all very on point.

Karla said in a press release that the collection is “really wearable and easy. I wanted this to be less conceptual and more wearable, although it’s still compatible with individualism.”

“It’s quite fluid, with long and short lengths, and an aquatic, sporty vibe. It’s resort, it’s fresh. It’s modern.”

I thought it was an amazing experience even if I’m not the most experienced when it comes to runway shows, but that’s something I hope to change in the future. We’ve got another show on Friday so I’m keen for that.  

What else is there to say except I had a fantastic time? Everyone we talked to was so friendly, handing out compliments like they were tissues in flu season. I would’ve thought people would be a little more elitist and rude but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not to say that there wasn’t some pretentiousness present, it’s fashion, but it wasn’t so alienating as to be either distracting or off-putting.

I can’t wait for Friday to experience that little more that Australian Fashion Week has to offer.

If you missed out last time, here’s what I thought of my first day at my first Australian Fashion Week


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