All White Disco Picnics? Le Diner en Blanc Has You Covered

All white dress code, an undisclosed location, and a giant disco ball? No it's not a rave but Le Diner en Blanc in Sydney!...

All white dress code, an undisclosed location, and a giant disco ball? No it’s not a rave but Le Diner en Blanc in Sydney!

Ever wondered what it would be like to dress in all white, turn up at a random location wielding picnic essentials, to meet with a crowd of strangers, to then be hustled around your city of choice to a secret location where you set up for the world’s largest picnic under the light of a giant disco ball? Yes, it crossed our minds frequently too. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of experiencing the dining phenomenon that is “Le Diner en Blanc” – and what a whirlwind adventure it was! 

Each year, in a few select cities around the world, hoards of picnic-goers dress in their best all-white outfits to come together for an evening of food and fun. Always based in a secret location, Le Diner en Blanc is probably one of the most fabulous and famous events worldwide, and being invite-only means it has successfully maintained its tradition throughout the years. 

Our group’s meeting point this year was in Potts Point. As a first time attendee, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. After a mad rush to the nearby supermarket to pick up the crockery we had forgotten, it was time to meet the group. Everybody was dressed impeccably, and the energy was palpable. Once everyone had arrived, we hopped on a train to Martin Place, where we ran into a few other groups, and then all proceeded in an orderly fashion to (drumroll please) The Domain! Greeted by a crane-hoisted giant disco ball (and giant is no exaggeration, this thing looked like a shiny, ultra-reflective moon), lines of white tables adorned with white table cloths, and an assortment of white, light-up ornaments. We were for sure about to be in for the strangest and also maybe the most fun night of our lives.  

We opted in to the Premium picnic package, provided by the event coordinators, as well as a few bottles of the white wine and sparkling. You also have the option to BYO picnic, with some of our more savvy friends ordering good old Dominoes directly to the site. Unfortunately you cannot BYO alcohol, but needless to say you could be *ahem* clever about it. From napkin twirls, to mass sparkler illumination, the evening was never short on entertainment.

Was it worth it? Definitely. Is it cult-like? Absolutely. Would we do it again? One thousand times over. Le Diner En Blanc was certainly a highlight this year, and we very much look forward to attending again soon. Although, the jury is still out on what the event is actually about.


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