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Best Dressed at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival 

Cannes Film Festival has been running since 1946 and always draws the eyes of the world, mainly for the films on show but also for the celebrities and what they’re...

Cannes Film Festival has been running since 1946 and always draws the eyes of the world, mainly for the films on show but also for the celebrities and what they’re wearing down the red carpet.

Located on the beautiful French Riviera, Cannes Film Festival always stuns audiences on the red carpet. Everyone wants to see who’s wearing who and what designers have completely missed the mark. This year, we celebrate the 75th Cannes Film Festival with all its stand outs!

The festival itself has a reputation for elegant European fashion which can be seen every year: long ball gowns covered in shimmering metallic materials or the occasional velvet gown in emerald green. You can almost predict what you’ll see on the red carpet!

So without any more time wasting, let’s get straight into what looks we thought were the stand outs of the night!

1. Alice Abdul Aziz wearing Zhuhai’s Murad

This gorgeous Zhuhai’s gown is such a standout for me! The elegance of the sheer gown with the patterned sequins really highlights her features and paired with that massive ruffled coat, *chef’s kiss* such a look! Elegance meets comfort and, honestly, you need it when you’re wearing killer heels down the red carpet. Her hair as well just adds to the entire look and the blue matches her skin tone perfectly to really highlight the blue and gold on the dress itself.

2. Julianne Moore wearing Bottega Veneta

Do I really need to describe this look? It screams elegance and for Julianne Moore, I couldn’t have picked a better gown to celebrate the 75th Cannes Film Festival. It gives classic LBD vibes with a little twist. I love how the dress comes out a little lower below the waist and slightly flares out, it’s not a complete tutu but it does accentuate her hips. This low-cut style feature is something you can never be mad about. Very elegant for an already elegant woman.

3. Lashana Lynch wearing Fendi

This literally screams elegance, left, right, and centre. It’s giving me angelic-French Riviera so, of course, what a perfect gown to wear to Cannes! I love the draping fabric down her sides and the delicate lace pattern throughout the entire dress. The slight shimmering on the sides as well is a standout for me, it’s almost like she’s glowing! And what an incredible dress from Fendi as well! It’s actually so nice to see a design by them that isn’t covered in their “F” monogram pattern.

4. Caroline Daur wearing Valentino

You can never hate a Valentino mini dress! No matter what the style or colour or shape, Valentino manage to nail it every time! This was hands down a winner for me, the hot pink look all round is Barbie, but elegant Barbie! Like if Barbie graduated, this is what I’d imagine her wearing. The pink Valentino shoes and the Valentino bag, the whole fit is something to be in awe of and honestly makes me want this entire look in my own wardrobe! You can never go wrong with a sequinned dress like that! And what better way to stand out from the crowd than to go entirely hot pink!

5. Amandine Petit wearing DESSANGE Paris

My final favourite goes to Amandine Petit looking ever-so-stunning in this gorgeous DESSANGE Paris gown! She honestly looks like an elven queen with the colour way of the gown and the beautiful tiara crowing her forehead. It’s elegance but with a little Lord of the Ring flare to it. You might disagree with my description and that’s fine, but we can all agree that she looks absolutely stunning!

Cannes Film Festival never disappoints and with this being the 75th Anniversary, would we expect anything less? One of my favourite things about this year was the use of local designers from Paris. Obviously, you still have your major labels, Bogetta Veneta, Valentino and Fendi, but the increase in smaller designers is actually really amazing to see, especially from a major fashion event such as this one!

Did you like our list? Was there someone we missed out that you thought was a standout? Let us know!

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