The Square Bang: Is Hublot Ripping Off Richard Mille? 

Maybe the title is a stretch but even if it were completely true the Square Bang benefits from the comparison because these are some sexy watches. ...
Credit: Hublot

Maybe the title is a stretch but even if it were completely true the Square Bang benefits from the comparison because these are some sexy watches.

Hublot are famous for their Big Bang’s and the expression is home to some of the brand’s most experimental tendencies. While this time around they haven’t done something as outrageous as an all-sapphire watch, they have made the Big Bang square which is a first in itself, not a world first but a first for Hublot.

The Square Bang might take some pointers from the Cartier Santos, but it certainly isn’t the same watch. Sure, the shape of the bezels to the lugs are similar, but that’s really about all you can say is the same. Their personalities are completely different. The Square Bang is edgy and bold, much like Hublot themselves, whereas the Cartier, whilst being square, isn’t anywhere near as daring.

When I saw these five watches for the first time, I immediately thought it was something from Richard Mille. Whether it was a rip-off or not, it was what immediately sprang to my mind. Having now looked closer at the Square Bang’s I realised (like an idiot) that they aren’t even tonneau-shaped at all like Richard Mille’s most famous pieces. Even when you look at Richard Mille’s square cases on the RM 017 and RM 016, they have gone for a completely different look with the only real similarities being a skeleton dial, the square case, and similar colour options. That’s it really because everything else is quite different because these watches are Big Bang’s and with that name comes everything else that has made the expression so popular, this one is just square.

The Square Bang is a bulky watch at 42mm wide and 14.5mm thick. However, Hublot have always paid attention to ergonomics and no Big Bang has been uncomfortable so far despite their massive size and it stands to reason that the Square Bang will be no different.

Three case materials are present here in varying degrees including black ceramic, titanium, and 18k King (red) gold. These options aren’t mono-material so there is a gold/ceramic combination and a titanium/ceramic combination. Personally, the UNICO King Gold variant is my favourite, the colours combined with the shape work best here alongside the skeleton dial, but titanium is a close second. I don’t rate the mixed materials variants much but that’s only in comparison to the mono-material variants. The all-black ceramic is hot in its own right but doesn’t scream out anything special – out of the bunch, it’s the watch that could get mistaken for another the easiest.

These watches I hope become great sellers because it’s an interesting look that deserves to be around more. I know that square watches are harder to make but I believe that the results are worth it. I have full confidence in Hublot’s adventurous spirit and hope that the Square Bang entices collectors as much as it has me.

The prices (AUD) are as follows:

  • Titanium: $32,200
  • Titanium Ceramic: $33,600
  • King Gold: $60,000
  • King Gold Ceramic: $55,600
  • Black Ceramic: $36,600


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