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Sideshow Have Some Of The Best Star Wars Collectibles Money Can Buy

Sideshow create collectibles for heaps of franchises but their Star Wars statues and statuettes are amazing!...

Sideshow create collectibles for heaps of franchises but their Star Wars statues and statuettes are amazing!

If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket and you’re a huge Star Wars fan, then Sideshow have you covered because, oh my god, are their collectibles amazing. The level of detail and the quality of the designs is really next level. They’ve got everything from busts, small desk figures, to full-blown full-size statues of all your favourite characters.

Here are some of my favourites and keep in mind that there are a bunch of figurines so there is certainly something for everyone. 

The Child (9cm)

Credit: Sideshow

This cute little figurine is perfect for a desk whether that be at home or in your office. Tell me you won’t smile just a little bit while you’re stuck in the office. 

Price: $175 USD (approx. $245 AUD)

Darth Maul Mythos (59.7cm)

Credit: Sideshow

Now this is just sick. Pure and simple. We didn’t quite get this Darth Maul in the films but we definitely got snippets in The Clone Wars. I love that they added the robot legs present in the show and his elongated horns make him look truly menacing. 

It’s a pretty big statue so your boss would have to be pretty cool to let you keep this in the office (unless you work for Disney, I guess). However, if you’ve got a place for this it would make for an awesome and nerdy collectible. It is limited edition though so you’ll have to be fast!

Price: $615 USD (approx. $860 AUD)

Stormtrooper Bust (Life-Size)

Credit: Sideshow

This thing is massive. You will need a bunch of space to exhibit this. Not only that, you will also need a very understanding partner or they are also really into Star Wars. Either way you definitely can’t fit this onto your desk, you’ll need it’s own dedicated plinth! It doesn’t come cheap either but look how cool it is!

Price: $955 USD (approx. $1,333 AUD)

Boba Fett (Life-Size)

Credit: Sideshow

You know how I said the Stormtrooper bust was big and you would need a dedicated space? Yeah, this life-size statue takes it to another level! You’ll need a whole room for this bad boy! Imagine you have guests come over and they see this in your living room or hallway. Either they will think you’re pretty cool or suddenly come down with food poisoning. No matter how it goes, you’ll know who your real friends are 😉. 

Just look at it though. Boba Fett looks exactly as he did in Empire Strikes Back. Not a scratch or detail missed. It’s impressive and necessary for a statue this bloody big.

This statue is also limited edition but I don’t know how many people you’ll have to race to get this. Seems very niche but very cool. 

Price: $8,995 USD (approx. $12,555 AUD)

Jabba the Hutt (22.9cm)

Credit: Sideshow

Now this is great for your desk to remind you of what you’d rather be doing. Or you can put it on your coffee table as it imitates you on the couch!

Price: $545 USD (approx. $760 AUD) 

A New Hope Diorama (30cm)

Credit: Sideshow

In my mind, this is perhaps the classiest option and possibly the least nerdy. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the old posters and time has removed the cheesiness from the pose but for me it’s classic sci-fi pulp. It’s like having the old movie poster but in 3D! The faces are a bit wonky to be fair so it’s not perfect but it is very cool. There’s also a gold painted version which is nice but I think I prefer silver – it’s easier to fit into your home decor. 

Price: $595 USD ($830 AUD)


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