REVIEW: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

We went to the premier screening of the new Nicolas Cage movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where surprisingly, he plays himself. Pre-warning, there will be spoilers....
Credit: Lionsgate Films

We went to the premier screening of the new Nicolas Cage movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where surprisingly, he plays himself. Pre-warning, there will be spoilers.

Nicolas Cage playing Nick Cage, who would’ve thought a movie like this would happen. Directed by Tom Gormican, this movie takes place in Los Angeles where a financially stressed Nick Cage has hit rock bottom and is desperately trying for any role that his manager (Neil Patrick Harris) can offer him. After realising he’s locked out of his hotel room, he decides to accept a $1mil job to attend a wealthy fan’s birthday party but gets himself into a “real life” complication that no actor is prepared for. It’s a journey of self-discovery for him where he plays an emotional comedian role and is joined by another to help him along the way.

I was excited from the start of the movie. It opens with an iconic scene from the movie Con Air featuring a youngish Nicolas Cage giving a dirty bunny to his daughter Casey, I immediately turned to Rob to express my excitement. I love Con Air and if I’m honest, I really like a majority of Nicolas Cage’s movies. The movie continued to delve into his past roles with many references to National Treasure, Face Off, The Croods and my personal favourite, The Rock featuring Sean Connery.

Though the movie lost me a little in the middle, it was once Nick Cage had joined forces with the CIA that I realised the actual storyline and where it was heading. He really goes on his own journey of self-discovery and that theme permeates the entire movie. Pedro Pascal plays a wealthy fan and honestly, he played it exceptionally well. Playing the adored fan that loves Nick Cage in all his movies really made me feel wholesome and warm inside to know that there is someone out there that REALLY loves Nicolas Cage, and he isn’t just some nobody actor anymore.

The movie itself wasn’t long which I really appreciated because for me personally, the longer the movie the more I wish I waited for it to come out on a streaming service. But this movie, was definitely worth it. It really made you appreciate all the films Nicolas Cage has starred in and the extent of his roles. From playing something as serious as Con Air or The Rock to something a little more light-hearted such as National treasure and The Croods, this man has truly given everything a red-hot go. And now a role where he plays himself? Please tell me what he hasn’t done! I’m waiting.

Even after I got home, I was still in the mood to watch a Nicolas Cage movie, so I put on Con Air and happily fell asleep to them singing “We got the whole world in our Hands”.

Would I recommend this movie? Definitely! Like I mentioned before, I’m a fan of Nicolas Cage and this just increased my appreciation for him as an actor. I personally feel like it would be quite difficult to play yourself in a movie because there is still some level of acting that needs to take place. It makes you wonder, who is really Nicolas Cage? Is he financially stressed and close to ruin? Does he struggle building a relationship with his daughter? Or was this all just for shits and giggles? I leave that question up to you.



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