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Johnny Depp’s Weirdly Fresh Looks From Blow (2001)

Blow (2001) isn't one of Johnny Depp's best movies but it certainly sees him in some absolutely fabulous outfits. Since the film takes place from the 1960s all the way...

Blow (2001) isn’t one of Johnny Depp’s best movies but it certainly sees him in some absolutely fabulous outfits. Since the film takes place from the 1960s all the way until the 80s, we get a good look at a few decades worth of fashion. 

Navy Peacoat

Credit: New Line Cinema

Who doesn’t love a peacoat? And pairing it with a thick, knitted turtleneck? *Chef’s Kiss*

It’s a fresh look that wouldn’t even look out of place today especially given that the 70s is making itself felt in fashion (think Harry Styles). 

Who doesn’t love the sailor look? And no, not a Popeye looking sailor. Deadliest Catch starring Johnny Depp? I’d watch that. 

Leisure Suit Johnny

Credit: New Line Cinema

Leisure suits are not a thing anymore but who can deny how fresh Mr Depp looks here? I love the off-white suit paired with the white turtleneck. There’s going to be a lot of turtlenecks in this list because whoever dressed Depp for Blow sure loved them. Or maybe George Jung did in reality? 

Love the sunnies too, they’re a great touch. 

This whole look I could see done up by Gucci on the runway or something like that. They’re already doing the kitschy 70s looks but they probably would not keep this suit white. 

Sweater Shirt

Credit: New Line Cinema

You don’t see many sweater shirts anymore because really what weather is that for? Are you cold? You don’t have any sleeves. Is it warm? Why are you wearing a jumper? Maybe it serves a similar function to a vest but that only works as a layer. 

Sweater shirt rant aside, this is a very cool 60s look from Depp. He’s got the Beatles/Brian Jones look going on which is both era appropriate and fabulous. The sunglasses are also something you might see at a music festival from someone with low-key style. 

Red Denim Suit

Credit: New Line Cinema

Talk about strong looks. This would only have worked in the 70s but low-key wouldn’t mind if it came back. Not the picnic blanket shirt though, that can stay, maybe it can burn?

A nice little touch is the all-gold watch that I can’t really make out but it looks like it might be a Rolex Submariner Date. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Rolex as in the film he is an international drug dealer/smuggler. 

Blokecore Look

Credit: New Line Cinema

Is this daggier than the red denim suit? Maybe but nowadays with Blokecore becoming a thing online, this would be a fresh look. The idea is to look like a dad on his day off and this fits that description to a tee. Retroactively, this is a cool look, even though in the film it isn’t really supposed to be. 

That windbreaker is a choice for sure and that polo screams a few schooners at the pub whilst having a slap. 

Black Suit

Credit: New Line Cinema

Even with the big 70s collar, maybe even because of it, this look is killer. Maybe it’s the aviators, maybe it’s Depp’s drug dealer swagger, whatever it is I think it’s working. It isn’t the most outlandish outfit in this movie, and in fact, it might be one of the most straightforward and traditional. It’s the 70s cuts and textures that make it that little bit special.

Vest at a Wedding

Credit: New Line Cinema

Would you wear something like this to your wedding? Maybe not but the shirt-vest combo is a winner if you’re going for a very strong 70s look without committing as hard as the red denim suit. I don’t know what the 70s was thinking with that shirt pattern but if you’re going to wear a maroon vest what else do you pair it with? 


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