Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Has A Funky New Bracelet

Hublot loves art and this is no more apparent than on their newest collaboration with Richard Orlinski that completely redesigns the Classic Fusion’s bracelet. ...
Credit: Hublot

Hublot loves art and this is no more apparent than on their newest collaboration with Richard Orlinski that completely redesigns the Classic Fusion’s bracelet.

Hublot isn’t very well-loved in the watch community, but you cannot deny their commitment to out-there concepts and expressions. Hublot loves art, and for five years they’ve collaborated with French artist Richard Orlinski to produce brilliant horological pieces of art.

Hublot Love Art is Hublot’s section of expressions in which the brand collaborates with renowned artists, like Takashi Murakami, to create special editions of Hublot’s previous models.

This isn’t Olinski’s first collaboration with Hublot, and it is a little different this time. Instead of having a whole watch sculpted by Orlinski as they did in 2017, they’ve instead gone for four new versions of the Classic Fusion equipped with the Orlinski Bracelet. Yes, this time it’s bracelet focused. That doesn’t sound exciting until you actually see how cool the Orlinski bracelet really is.

Credit: Hublot

The Orlinski Bracelet is inspired by the artist’s sculptures. It focuses on chamfered forms, which is a fancy way of saying cutting forms to make a symmetrical sloping edge. The result of this is something a little more jagged and experimental when compared to your average steel bracelet. It works incredibly well as even the links are H-shaped that bring to mind the Hublot logo. Like most artist collaborations with Hublot, the art works incredibly well within the brand’s own motifs as well as the artists.

Hublot have kept Orlinksi’s beautifully faceted dial available in either black or white. The bracelet really feels like a natural extension of the dial which was absolutely the goal.

Orlinski said in a press release that,

“As a sculptor, expressing my art on a watch with only a few centimetres of diameter as a canvas was a real challenge. This creation on the entire bracelet made it significantly more complicated for the engineers at the manufacture. Yet, thanks to the unparalleled technical know-how of my partners at Hublot, we are able to carry out the mission.”

Each of the four watches are designed to be unisex but with a 40mm diameter that might be a big ask. I know a few girls’ wrists that would be dwarfed by this watch, but I know others who would be fine. The addition of diamonds also provides a far more feminine look. Women who want this watch would just have to be aware of the sizing is all.

The polished titanium case holds the HUB1100 movement that’s a self-winding calibre with a power reserve of 42 hours.

The diamond set versions feature the bezel and bracelet adorned with diamonds weighing in at 3.79 carats!

Prices for the pure titanium versions are set at $21,900 AUD. The diamond set versions are at $63,000 AUD.


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