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The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series Is So Fast It Isn’t Legal

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is the most powerful customer sports car ever made!...
Credit: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is the most powerful customer sports car ever made!

I may have been overselling this car just a little as being so fast it isn’t legal. It is true but it’s because it wasn’t made with the intention to ever be used on the road, this is a pure track car and the most powerful customer car made. The GT Track Series comes as a celebration of 55 years of AMG, and they really went all out on it.

It might look similar to the Black Series model, but this car has removed all of the road restrictions placed on that car and let the beast run wild. AMG utilised their knowledge from the GT3 and GT4 to really get the most out of this car and push it to the utmost extreme. And we’re all here for it.

Credit: Mercedes-AMG

Taking a peek under the hood you will find AMG’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 from the Black Series. Now with the rulebook thrown out the window, AMG were able to utilise custom motorsports injectors and a new tune. This means that the engine can now pump out 734hp and 850Nm of torque.

Another part that they’ve pinched from the Black Series is the sequential Hewland HLS six-speed racing gearbox with an adjustable differential to keep things neat around the track. Included is a set of four-way adjustable Bilstein dampers that feature individually adjustable high and low speed settings for rebound and compression. The suspension is connected to 18-inch wheels chosen purely for that fact that there are a tonne of options for competition tyres in that size. To keep you from flying off the road is a set of motorsports-grade steel brakes that are adjustable like a real racing car. There’s even more you can adjust as the car has 12-mode racing traction control and ABS setup.

Credit: Mercedes-AMG

They’ve upped the aero package from the Black Series to include a higher downforce front splitter and a revised rear wing.

There’s even more carbon fibre all over the Hightech Silver Magno bodywork that drops the weight to just 1,400kg.

Even with this massive drop in weight they’ve still managed to fit in all the best safety features so that this beast doesn’t eat you alive. These features include an integrated roll cage, fire suppression system, and an extrication hatch on the roof. Mercedes says the Track Series “meets the latest FIA standards.”

Credit: Mercedes-AMG

The interior has completely been stripped as it’s for the track after all. The steering wheel has been created in collaboration with Cube Control but there is still a digital display unit from Bosch, though you won’t find it on the centre of the dash. Of course, there are bucket seats because how could you not or, more accurately, why wouldn’t you. Mercedes-AMG claim that the seats are more than just cool, they provide higher levels of safety than even standard FIA-approved buckets. Though I wouldn’t want to be the one to test that.

Only 55 of these absolute animals will be produced and are priced at $405,575 USD (approx. $542,650 AUD). You can’t walk into a Mercedes dealership and grab one of these though, but you will have to get into contact with Mercedes-AMG directly with AMG headquarters in Affalterbach. While that may sound annoying, it does come with some perks including technical training, engineer support for track days/events, a race weekend support line, and access to spare parts.

Head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, Christoph Sagemüller, said,

“Everything on the GT Track Series is subordinated to the performance philosophy that has been the dominating leitmotif in the conception of our cars since the founding of Mercedes‑AMG 55 years ago. Our customers require the suitable vehicle for every kind of activity. Therefore, expanding our portfolio with an exclusive club sport car was logical. But we have even gone one step further, offering our customers not just an outstanding product with excellent performance and quality, but also a strictly limited special edition model.”


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