Swatch Present a Slice of Paris

Credit: Swatch

Swatch, our very beloved, fun-filled watch company, has launched its latest collection – a collaboration with Centre Pompidou in Paris, and it’s everything we hoped for. 

Living in a world that has been somewhat devoid of travel for the past few years, any opportunity to be transported internationally is one that’s very welcomed, and “Swatch” did that perfectly. Nestled in Sydney’s very own Roseberry, La Porte space was beautifully transformed into Paris for the evening, setting the scene for the launch of the ‘Swatch’ + ‘Centre Pompidou’ collaboration. 

For those who aren’t familiar, the Centre Pompidou is a wonderfully eclectic museum in the heart of Paris, with the very iconic escalator, and an incredible collection of famous artworks. As it’s one of my personal favourite museums in the world I was very excited to see what Swatch had created.

Walking into the event, we were greeted by the sounds, smells and feeling of France, including cheese, champagne, and even a mime. To top it all off we experienced the live art of local artist Sheila. The evening was a perfect slice of Paris right here in Sydney, and it set the scene well for the launch of the latest Swatch collection – and what a fun collection it is!

Each of the Swatch x Centre Pompidou pieces featured a different artwork from five acclaimed artists: Frida Khalo, Piet Mondrian, Vassily Kandinsky, Robert Delaunay, and Amadeo Modigliani. The pieces are quirky, cute, and of course, so much fun to wear, paying perfect homage to the art world, and completely on-brand for Swatch.

As a newly avid watch collector myself, I have quite a few pieces I am very proud of, and I can confidently say my newly acquired Swatch x Centre Pompidou piece is one of them. As a huge fan of both the museum, and the brand, Swatch has once again done a fantastic job at encapsulating fun with their timepieces, and reminding us all that watch collecting doesn’t necessarily require endless funds. 

If you haven’t yet seen the new collection, make sure you head into your nearest boutique, and snag your own little slice of Paris.

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