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Supreme x Aeon Flux Collab Sees The Brand Get Nerdy

Who can say they actually saw a Supreme x Aeon Flux collaboration coming? Not this guy that’s for sure....
Credit: Supreme

Who can say they actually saw a Supreme x Aeon Flux collaboration coming? Not this guy that’s for sure.

I think for most people an explanation as to what Aeon Flux actually is warranted. Aeon Flux was an experimental sci-fi animated show that debuted on MTV in 1991. With two one-word exceptions, the show never had any dialogue and told its story purely through animation. As you can imagine, this wasn’t a big hit with general audiences, but the show has become a massive cult hit since then.

I can only appreciate Supreme doing a collaboration to celebrate a show that isn’t the hot thing right now or has a huge following. It would’ve been much easier to sell something with something like Rick and Morty prints on it (even though that would be awful). It’s a great way to spread the word and grow the following of the show. Thankfully, the clothes they’ve dropped aren’t god awful so people may actually pay attention.

The Spring collection has these varsity jackets in either black or red that are fairly interesting, but they aren’t the highlight of the collection. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice, but they aren’t amazing and it’s mostly due to the Aeon Flux prints. It’s just not my taste personally. It gives me pin-up girl vibes and I don’t know how much I want that.

The cotton jumpers however are a step up from the varsity jackets. They look cosy and stylish especially the teal version with the great red outlined print.

It’s the soccer jersey’s that really do it for me though. The busy style and colour schemes on here fit the early 90s aesthetic, especially the pink version. I don’t know what it is, but Aeon Flux really fits on the jersey without feeling like a cheap and easy add on.

The hoodies are sick. The colour options are awesome, and I prefer the mysterious eye print over the print of the whole character. A little more subtle in terms of prints but not subtle at all in terms of colour choice. The shorts follow the hoodies in terms of design and they are fine, nothing amazing.

The contrast between how terrible the long sleeve shirts when compared to the t-shirts is amazing. The long sleeve shirts feel lazy and while the t-shirts feature a much smaller print that feels more purposeful. Maybe I just like the graphic more on the t-shirt, but I think it has more to do with the size and position of the print in contrast to the long sleeve’s standard placing.

The Supreme x Aeon Flux collaboration will see a global release via Supreme’s website on March 31 at 11 am EDT in the US and April 2, 11 am JST in Japan.


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