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Hublot Loves Art: Hublot x Satellite

Innovation and inspiration with just a hint of diamonds. ...

Innovation and inspiration with just a hint of diamonds.

HUBLOT, the baby brother watch brand that throws a knockout haymaker, continues to impress and enlighten us with their latest collaboration.

In true HUBLOT fashion, a collaboration has been created with Satellite, to bring us the future of art experiences, and guess what it’s in our very own BONDI beach 😉.

The exhibition screams exactly what HUBLOT is – drinks, cocktails, fine food, big watches and even bigger art. We were met with the CEO of HUBLOT Australia, Joel Ruiz, and marketing manager, Sophie Noblecourt, who continue to put on a show for all of us. Twenty twenty six was littered with pure HUBLOT energy (and their fine time pieces), which was easily matched with the energy of Katie Tholo the founder and Director of Satellite. She spoke passionately about her work within digital media, and the inspiration behind the exhibition.  

“Satellite is a platform to inspire new audiences and brands to embrace the digital evolution of the art world. By demonstrating the ability of NFTs to unlock untapped potential in how we perceive, interact with and collect digital art, Satellite will educate and engage audiences beyond the screens of personal devices.”

Little more needed to be said. This man was inspired.

Whilst within the venue, I never once looked at a piece of digital art and thought to myself, “Jeez that’s expensive.” But rather I would think to myself, “My God, what a beauty. What can I do to afford it?”

I didn’t think that I wanted to just hide the piece away on my mobile phone, or within the metaverse. Rather I wanted the world to see it, just as it was on display within Twenty Twenty Six.

I want a large vertical screen in my house just to show off this digitally based art. I want guests to understand that art does not need to be static, but it can be a dynamic creature, constantly evolving.

And this constant evolution brings us back to HUBLOT.

The original MDM Grande with a rubber strap dipped in vanilla so it wouldn’t smell when we sweat.

The combination of GOLD and Steel.

The addition of Diamonds, new flyback chronographs and in house movements.

Constant evolution.



A collaboration perfecting the art of fusion.   

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