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First Look at SEVENFRIDAY’s Free-D

This newest release, the Free-D, challenges everything you expect from your run of the mill watch. ...

This newest release, the Free-D, challenges everything you expect from your run of the mill watch.

The future is here and SEVENFRIDAY is leading the way. Introducing the newest release from the brand, the Free-D.

Crafted through the harmonious marriage between the historical traditions of horology and the present through the use of 3D printing. As a result, we get a watch that looks like it’s from outer space and a comfortable fit that makes you wonder how you wore anything else.


Thanks to HP’s modern technology, the Free-D is light, flexible (but resistant), and features a cutting-edge design. The watch is almost entirely made from PA11, a sustainable polyamide (so it’s not terrible for the environment either!). It’s in this material that the titanium and sapphire is encased with both architectural precision and innovative design.

SEVENFRIDAY have set their sights high and aim to eliminate the boundaries set by close-mindedness and tradition. Merging several industries is their first step towards this goal. Hence, an NFC chip has been placed on the Free-D that equips each watch to its own NFT collectible and certificate.


At a glance:

  • 45mm case
  • Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW300-1
  • Screwed-in crown, 30m, 3ATM
  • Strap: genuine calf skin blue leather
  • Thickness: 14.9mm (incl. domed glass)
  • Price: USD $3,800

It will release on their own SEVENFRIDAY app. Just ten at a time will be released at 8pm tonight! Get in quick!


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