The GENE MACHINE & GENE CHASER: Luxury Meets Science

Credit: Damen Yachting

The GENE MACHINE was just a luxury yacht until the pandemic forced it to change into a floating lab. Now the floating lab has a partner, the GENE CHASER.  

The Amels 180 GENE MACHINE was used by scientist and owner Dr. Jonathan Rothberg as a pleasure yacht, like anyone else who owns a yacht. Then the pandemic hit and in order to continue his work, Dr. Rothberg actually turned the main salon of the yacht into a laboratory that was focused on developing a coronavirus home test kit.

That sounds pretty cool, but Dr. Rothberg believed that this worked so well that he would create a companion boat that is just as large if not a little less luxurious. The GENE CHASER, a 55-metre yacht that is specifically designed with scientific endeavours in mind.

The GENE CHASER | Credit: Damen Yachting

The GENE CHASER features extensive rapid prototyping capabilities like the absolute best in 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, and electronics fabrication. All of this is there to complement the molecular biology laboratory and high-power computational infrastructure.

But why put all this on a boat? It’s to get the best minds, tools, and technology to where they need to be.

What happens to the GENE MACHINE? Nothing, the two boats will mostly work in tandem with the majority of the scientific infrastructure found on the GENE CHASER.

The GENE MACHINE | Credit: Damen Yachting

Both yachts will be shown off Miami International Boat Show that will start from Feb 16 to Feb 20. The boat show will highlight all the newest gear and technology along with a bunch of new boats and water toys all on display at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Pride Park, Sea Isle Marina, One Herald Plaza, and Museum Park Marina.

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