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The Best Of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week just finished up last week and we thought we'd showcase some of the best collections unveiled....

New York Fashion Week just finished up last week and we thought we’d showcase some of the best collections unveiled. 


What if an Eastern European babushka was a fashion designer? You get Batsheva’s newest collection and I absolutely love it. They’ve taken inspiration from the Victorian era to the Pioneers, from housewife to hippie. 

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang is straight up not giving in to the Y2K trend. It’s minimal without being bland thanks to unique materials and textures at play. 


Youthful and free-spirited that certainly draws inspiration from the zeitgeist. Sublime shapes, intersecting lines, textures, and tempting colours. What’s not to like?

Badgley Mishcka

If you ever wanted to pull of the Gatsby look and didn’t want to look tacky, this collection is for you. It’s just pure Hollywood glamour (I know Gatsby is set in New York but still). 

Eugene Taylor

If you ever wanted to dress up like Diana Ross (in a good way), this is the way to go. Bold colours and soft lines. 

De_caffeine homme

Think workwear but far more fashionable. Probably so fashionable that you couldn’t actually wear it in the office.

Anna Sui

Easily one of my personal favourites from NYFW. Love the colour, texture, and loose but tight fit. Very cool. 


Iconic essentials for everyday and they are fantastic. While the collection may not be as flashy as the other stuff on this list, they are incredibly well-designed clothes that really up the ante on what’s hot right now. I will be buying some of these when I get the chance.


Absolutely elegant and glamourous. It looks like artisanal craftsmanship because it is. Bold fabrics, luxurious embroideries. Froth.


Liu explores the concept of simplicity while elaborating on the quality of each and every item, which is the plus in his design approach. Poetic and abstract. Urban modernist aesthetic for the new millennial woman.

Megan Renee

Somehow made the middle-aged mum wearing a kaftan at the beach look, look actually good. bold yet wearable prints. Draws inspiration from her travels around the world. Can see that as a lot of the pieces could almost be something suitable for travel.

Nicole Miller

Great 90s inspired fashion. Grunge but even more fashion. Lots of plaid and denim but not always where you expect it.


Modern couture and ready to wear pieces inspired by the history of costume design defined through a lens of African diaspora.

Jovana Louis

Bring the shoulder pads back. Big and pointy. Bright colours. It’s like the 80s only if they weren’t terrible. They’ve managed to take all the best stuff and refit it for a modern audience.


Fashion when it’s actually art. Witty, inherently glamourous, playfully decadent and with a pop energy. Looks like something Madonna might have worn once upon a time.


What if the Matrix sourced its costumes from Gucci? This is what you get and it’s fantastic.

Victor de Souza

Reminiscent of traditional couture. Committed to beauty, integrity, setting themselves apart, and conscious production. Finished element detailed by hand. Personally designed for client’s fit.


It looks weirdly comfortable despite its weird angles and cuts. Great work using traditional Japanese techniques on modern silhouettes.

Maison Atia

It’s all faux fur and it all looks fabulous. It’s an 80s Aspen ski trip in a collection.


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