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The Best Ads From The 2022 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is well known for its commercials but most are awful so we compiled a list here of the least awful commercials from the 2022 Super Bowl so...

The Super Bowl is well known for its commercials but most ads are awful, so we compiled a list here of the least awful commercials from the 2022 Super Bowl so you can skip the junk.

Coinbase QR Code

It’s kind of clever. I enjoy the DVD player bouncing in the corner nostalgia bait. At least it is unique in comparison to all the other ads played during the Super Bowl. It’s a weirdly effective ad that is somehow simultaneously lazy and creative. This did lead to the Coinbase website and app crashing but hey at least that means your ad worked. 

Nissan 'Thrill Driver'

This is here purely because of Eugene Levy’s Fabio-eqsque haircut that he still manages to pull off! Other than that it’s a cute enough ad, I guess.

Idris Elba is simply charming and charismatic. The ad is all about being straight to the point and it is while also being able to get at least a chuckle out of me. 

GM 'Dr. EV-il'

Yeah, it’s just the same jokes we heard twenty years ago but the nostalgia is coming in strong this year. It’s just nice to see these characters interact again and there is one new joke that made me laugh – the number two joke. 

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda

This is kind of funny depending on your opinion of Guy Fieri. It’s at least funny enough to be memorable. 

T-Mobile and Miley Cyrus

An actually funny and catchy little tune that is an effective parody of those charity songs from the 80s. It’s short enough not to overstay its welcome and catchy enough to stay in your head. Is that not what an effective ad is? 

FTX and Larry David

This is the only ad this year that made me genuinely laugh. Not just chuckle or that thing where you breath out your nose fast when something is mildly amusing. No there’s actually a joke here that’s consistent throughout the ad, it makes sense, it isn’t forced, and Larry David is just a funny man. He could read anything to me and I’d find it funny. 

Lay's 'Golden Memories'

These two already have onscreen chemistry together so it’s no wonder that they’re funny together. It isn’t crazy funny or anything and the final punchline, that Rogan is marrying a zombie, isn’t funny or clever. But they do get a few chuckles. 

So that’s it. Don’t bother watching the rest unless you want a good dose of cringe, or for whatever reason want to subject yourself willingly to a tirade of commercials. 


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