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Sony Just Bought Bungie For A Whopping $3.6 Billion

Sony has just bought Destiny and Halo developer Bungie for a stunning $3.6 billion USD....
Credit: Sony

Sony has just bought Destiny and Halo developer Bungie for a stunning $3.6 billion USD.

A lot of studios and developers are being bought up right now in the video game industry and Bungie is merely the latest one. This isn’t too surprising as Bungie has had a close working relationship with Sony Interactive Entertainment since the release of the first Destiny in 2014.

Despite being bought for $3.6 billion it doesn’t mean that Bungie will be creating exclusive titles for PlayStation going forward. Sony have revealed that Bungie will continue to release multi-platform games as they have the opportunity to “self-publish and reach players wherever they choose to play.”

Bungie will continue to be run by its own board of directors headed by CEO Pete Parsons and their current management team.

Sony Interactive Entertainment president/CEO, Jim Ryan, wrote that Bungie “will remain independent and multiplatform, will enjoy creative freedom, and their track record in developing massively successful franchises in the sci-fi shooter genre will be highly complementary to SIE’s own IP portfolio.”

That’s why Sony wants Bungie, they don’t really have their own big blockbuster shooter franchise now that the Killzone franchise has been left to die in a gutter.

Why does Bungie want to be a part of Sony? Well let’s go through some history of the studio and see if you notice a pattern.

Bungie worked with Microsoft and created the iconic Halo series. They left Microsoft to become and independent studio. Shortly afterwards, Bungie teamed up with Activision (not bought) in order to gain financial support. Bungie left Activision to become an independent studio. Now they are allowing Sony to buy them to gain structural and financial support.

Will the next step be to leave Sony and become an independent studio once again? It’s funny to think that might be the case but it may be less likely this time as creative freedom and relative independence is what Bungie are after and seem to be getting from Sony.

If you were curious about Sony, check out our short history of Sony as a company. 


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