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RANKED: All The 2022 F1 Liveries

It’s that time of year to really get hyped for the upcoming F1 season and what better way than to admire all these sexy new liveries....

It’s that time of year to really get hyped for the upcoming F1 season and what better way than to admire all these sexy new liveries.

While a good livery might not win you any races, at least you can make that P10 look good. So who’s the taking home the award for best designed livery?

10. Haas

Original 2022 Livery | Credit: Haas

This isn’t exactly their fault given they’ve had to drop their main sponsor, Uralkali, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But even if that wasn’t the case, this is the same or at least very similar to 2021’s livery. No bonus points for creativity on a design that wasn’t really all that good to begin with. It doesn’t look finished and now it has been made even worse due to their removal of the Russian flag.

9. Red Bull

Credit: Red Bull

Again, it’s the same livery. I know it’s not exactly the same but it’s similar enough to not make a difference. If it wasn’t for the newly designed chassis, you could hardly tell the new car from the old. Now some may argue that if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, but come on, it’s been years since Red Bull have switched up their livery. Now is the time!

8. Mercedes

Credit: Mercedes

This might ruffle a few feathers, but I don’t miss the silver livery. I loved the black livery; it went so well with the Petronas colours. They have kept some of the black livery, but not enough. Not saying that the silver doesn’t look good, but it doesn’t compare. Overall, the livery feels like a throwback in the worst way – lazy. I think a different shade of silver would have been an improvement. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly not very interesting but I suppose people will be excited to see the Silver Arrows return.

7. AlphaTauri

Credit: AlphaTauri

This is a far from bad livery, but it just isn’t very exciting, is it? It’s a safe bet from Alpha Tauri and that’s why it’s going in the middle of the list. Not bad, but not great either.

6. Alpine

I’m not counting the special edition livery they are using for the first two races, but their proper one they are using for the rest of the season. It is bold to say the least and the pink really pops. Now does this shade of blue match that pink? I have been having a hard time coming to a conclusion on that one. I think I like it, so it’s hanging out here in the middle of the list. Is it pretty and will most people like it? I can’t be so sure about that.

5. Williams

Credit: Williams

I love the all-blue with a few red accents. I think it looks very sharp indeed. But it looked better in the CG concept art than it did on track. It doesn’t look bad at all, but I think maybe it is too deep a shade of blue. It will easily look like one of the best liveries on the grid during night races but considering there are only a handful of them, I can’t put this much higher on the list.  

4. Alfa Romeo

Credit: Alfa Romeo

What an absolute glow up from Alfa Romeo. Did we need to wait as long as we did to get it? Was it worth that hype? Sort of. It is a very nice retro-inspired livery that is an absolutely huge improvement over their last livery but not good enough to have made us wait for so long.

3. Aston Martin

Credit: Aston Martin

The top three were an incredibly tough pick. These cars look absolutely stunning and nowhere is that clearer than on the Aston Martin. It is as slick and as stylish as you’d expect from Aston Martin. James Bond could drive this car and it wouldn’t be too silly.

2. Ferrari

Credit: Ferrari

This red and black beast has everyone talking and calling it the best-looking car on the grid. And my god it very well be true but there is just one other that beats it. It’s more Ferrari red, which you could argue is the same thing as Red Bull repeating themselves, but you only have to look at this car and last years’ to see the subtle differences that make this car an absolute sex machine.

1. McLaren

Credit: McLaren

They took inspiration from the retro livery they showed off in Monaco last year and have made it even better. The greyish blue with the orange? Such an improvement over last years’ livery. I love the modern retro feel to it and I just love that they made such a garish orange work on such a beauty of a car. I might be a sucker for the retro-style liveries but I just love the interesting colour choices here. 

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