Get 70s Chic With The Q Timex 1972 Reissue

Credit: Timex

Timex have reissued one of their iconic references from the 70s during the peak of the quartz crisis and it’s no wonder Timex survived the crisis thanks to this watch.  

The 1970s were not a great time to be a watchmaker, unless of course you were making quartz watches. The quartz crisis changed the landscape of the watchmaking industry with mechanical watchmaking under threat of obsolescence.

In 1972, Timex was one of those leading the charge in quartz watchmaking when they released the 43mm Q Timex. It was more than a way to survive, it was a way to move forward.

When quartz was introduced in 1969, the Swiss manufacturers struggled to adapt. Quartz allows for more accurate, reliable and affordable watches that had many asking what the point of mechanical watchmaking was anymore.  

Nowadays, both forms live in harmony and now it has been long enough that what was once new is now old and what is old gets celebrated. Introducing Timex’s Q Timex 1972 Reissue 43mm to celebrate 50 years of quartz watchmaking at Timex.

Credit: Timex

It features a gold-tone tonneau case with an all-around polished finish, dimensional floating hour markers, and a very striking red dial. It is very 70s in a very good way. I absolutely love the shape of the case that actually seems to hide how large the watch actually is. The attention to detail is what’s key here, even the crystal is domed acrylic which was very popular back in the day.

With a price point of $309 AUD, it won’t break the bank.

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