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Gentle Monster x Coperni Bring Us Big, Beautiful Sunglasses

Gentle Monster have teamed up with Coperni to bring us a glimpse of the future of sunglasses. ...
Credit: Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster have teamed up with Coperni to bring us a glimpse of the future of sunglasses.

When I first saw these my attention was immediately drawn. What are these big chunky things on her face? Are they goggles or sunglasses? Turns out they’re both and while that might sound stupid, just look at them. It works and I can barely explain why. 

I for one am starting to get tired of the standard aviators or Ray-Ban variant that you always see. God forbid you see someone in a pair of Oakley’s! There’s no excuse for those unless you’re a fisherman. Gentle Monster are finally providing some new design choices for sunglasses. And big and bold seems to be in!

Credit: Gentle Monster

Granted, Gentle Monster and Coperni aren’t the first to do this, but they have certainly made themselves a highlight of the trend. Move over Prada.

Thankfully, we’re moving forward through aesthetic and not through tech – did you really want to ever wear those Snapchat sunglasses? No. No one did. That’s why they’re sitting in a rubbish dump alongside Google Glass.

Credit: Gentle Monster

Of this collection my favourites are the white and black pairs of the 5G BOLD. I just love how chunky they are and the way they sit on the face. It’s a strong silhouette to say the least. The regular 5G isn’t as chunky but they are also still quite stylish if not as… bold. It’s obvious but it’s true, they aren’t the highlight because they are a little more conservative. But again, that’s only in comparison to the 5G BOLD.

Check out the whole collection below.


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