Excelsior! The Pandora x Marvel Drop Is Here & It’s Cute

Pandora is throwing their lot in with Marvel in their newest limited-edition collection that sees you assembling your own team of Avengers. ...
Credit: Pandora/Marvel

Pandora is throwing their lot in with Marvel in their newest limited-edition collection that sees you assembling your own team of Avengers.

While this may seem like an unlikely pairing, I do believe that the idea and concept are actually clever. Pandora are taking the term, “Avengers assemble” literally by allowing customers to collect the Avengers you want to take with you. Maybe you’re in an Iron Man mood, needing to outsmart your foes, or maybe you just feel like smashing stuff, so you choose the Hulk. It’s cute.

Credit: Pandora/Marvel

Not only does the concept work quite well, but they are also made very well. Each charm features detailed enamel work, mixed metals and intricate textures. With prices ranging from $59 AUD to $318 AUD the materials obviously will differ. For example, the $89 Black Widow, Hulk, and Black Panther charms are sterling silver and finished with cubic zirconia stones, while the $119 Iron Man charm and Infinity Gauntlet feature a 14k gold-plated metal blend. There are sets you can buy as well but those start pushing the $300 mark.

Credit: Pandora/Marvel

The charms themselves aren’t the only thing Pandora and Marvel have dropped as alongside as they’ve released an “unique and immersive digital experience” to celebrate. Basically, it’s an online flash game where you collect each charm to “assemble a team of heroes to take on a multi-level mission to save the universe, to save the world, and destroy the Infinity Gauntlet.” By completing each level, you can win prizes.

At level one, you win a Marvel x Pandora bracelet. Level two, the bracelet and four charms. Level three, the bracelet, hero charms, and the infinity gauntlet charm. Now you only get the chance to win a prize but it’s a fun enough little flash game that will take maybe five to ten minutes of your time.

Joanne Crawford, Vice President of Owned Digital at Pandora, says,

“It has been an exciting challenge integrating two story-driven universes. We worked closely with the amazing Marvel designers to create our real-world charms, capturing as many life-like character details as possible, and we brought that same level of attention to the digital world. This experience mixes gamification with collectability and storytelling – the perfect combination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Pandora.”

But why Marvel other than the $$$? According to Pandora’s Creative Directors, Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, it’s because, “We were fascinated by the Avengers’ heroism, strength, and vulnerability. These heroes encourage us to use our voices and harness our powers, without hiding our weaknesses, to create the world we want to see. Celebrating what you stand for and voicing the things you love is what connects the Marvel and Pandora universes.”

Broad but not inaccurate I suppose.

Check out the entire collection below.

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