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Caitlyn Jenner Is Officially Joining F1’s W Series

F1 has a new racing team thanks to Caitlyn Jenner and her new venture into the W Series....
Credit: Jenner Racing

F1 has a new racing team thanks to Caitlyn Jenner and her new venture into the W Series.

Now if you’re sceptical about this, I can understand. What does Caitlyn Jenner know about racing? Turns out she actually has a bit of experience behind her.

She has entered over 54 races, won two of them, and earned 16 podiums. She competed in the IMSA Camel GT series in the 1980s. Her first win came in the 1986 12 hours of Sebring driving a 7-Eleven Rouch Racing Ford Mustang. She won her class and came fourth overall.

She also competed in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race and the Grand Prix of Long Beach, which she won in 1979 and 1982.

However, it should be noted that she told Yahoo! Sports in 2013 that she “was a lot more badass a runner than [she] was a driver.”

Now she is taking a step away from the driver’s seat and forming her own W Series team, Jenner Racing. The team will be ready for the W Series’ third season, which runs as a support race to the men’s F1 season for eight Grand Prix’s.

The first W Series race this season will be held in Miami, USA, and the sport is genuinely gaining traction. In 2021, the Series had a global reach of over half a billion viewers with this year expected to top those numbers.

Jenner will act as team principal and her first task is to oversee the driver line-up and secure the relevant sponsorships.

The W Series CEO, Catherine Bond Muir, is very excited about Jenner joining the ranks, “W Series exists to promote women in motorsport, believing that they can compete equally with men if given the same opportunities. We are determined to give females a platform and a pathway to succeed in our sport, and when I first met Caitlyn Jenner, it was clear that she is as committed to that mission as all of us at W Series are.

“She has performed at the highest level in sport, is a proven winner and a complete petrol-head, and I know that her passion for sport and motorsport will inspire everybody at W Series.

“We continue to rethink racing and I am excited to see how the Jenner Racing team performs this season. With one of the world’s greatest athletes supporting them, the sky is the limit.”

Jenner herself is incredibly excited, “As a believer in fair competition, a lover of motor racing, and a supporter of all women in sport from the grassroots to elite level, W Series ticks every box for me and is a fusion of the different aspects of my career.

“A championship dedicated to inspiring young girls and giving women the chance to succeed in roles throughout what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, W Series is changing the face of motorsport.

“As the series continues its rapid expansion with a truly international cast of drivers and races, this was the perfect time to come on board. W Series had a global reach of more than half a billion viewers in 2021, and I am going out to the market to acquire sponsors that align with mine and W Series’ joint missions.

“I watched on with great excitement last year when W Series made its American debut in Austin, Texas, USA, where its drivers entertained 400,000 fans over the weekend at the circuit of the Americas.

“In May, I will be beaming with pride when my Jenner Racing team starts its bid for W Series glory on motor racing’s greatest stage at the first race of season three in Miami, USA, in support of Formula 1. As has always been the case, I’m in it to win it.”


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