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Who Are The 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players In The World Right Now?

Forbes have unveiled the highest paid tennis players in the world based on their earnings in 2021!...
Credit: Yann Caradec

Forbes have unveiled the highest paid tennis players in the world based on their earnings in 2021!

The Australian Open is about to kick off and we all know who the biggest names in the sport are, but does that always mean that they are the ones earning the most? Like always Forbes have crunched the numbers for us so let’s take a look.

Forbes have calculated this by combining both the players on-court earnings (prize money over the last 12 months) and off-court earnings. Off-court earnings are estimates from endorsements and licensing etc. Forbes doesn’t use investment income (interest payments or dividends) in this list.

10. Ashleigh Barty – $5.8 million USD

Credit: Picasa

After only playing four events in 2020, Ashleigh Barty decided she would make 2021 her year. She won five singles titles, including Wimbledon, which earned her a solid $3.8 million USD in prize money. Off-court she earned about $2 million.

9. Stefanos Tsitsipas - $8.1 million USD

A new member to the list, Stefanos Tsitsipas created history when he became the highest ranked Greek player in history at number 3. He is number four now, but no matter as he earned $4.1 million on the court. Off the court he earned about $4 million. Most of that comes from his partnered brands Adidas, Rolex, and Wilson.

8. Dominic Thiem - $8.9 million USD

Credit: MacKrys

Right now, Dominic Thiem is the only men’s player in his 20s that has a Grand Slam singles title. That means he earned about $4.9 million on the court and about $4 million off-court. Adidas, Red Bull, and Babolat are his partners and he has newer deals with Technogym and NEOH.

7. Daniil Medvedev - $13.9 million USD

Credit: Caroline06

While he hasn’t won a Grand Slam title yet, that hasn’t stopped Medvedev from reaching no. 2 in the rankings. He earned $5.9 million USD on the court but he earned a staggering $8 million off the court. That’s thanks to brand deals with Lacoste, Tinkoff Bank, Bovet, and HyperX.

6. Kei Nishikori - $26 Million USD

Credit: Shinya Suzuki

Despite being number 56 in the rankings, Nishikori made a killing in 2021 thanks to his lucrative endorsement deals he signed ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. He only earned $1 million on the court but an absolutely crazy $25 million off the court thanks to the dozen or so partners he has.

5. Rafael Nadal - $27 million USD

Despite managing a rare condition known as Müller-Weiss disease/syndrome so he hasn’t really been on the court in 2021. That being said, he still managed to earn $4 million on the court. The main bulk of his income came from his sponsors that include Nike, Richard Mille, and Babolat, netting him a cool $23 million.  

4. Novak Djokovic - $38 million USD

Obviously, Djokovic has earned quite a bit on the court with several Grand Slam wins and a very close attempt for the first Golden Slam in the history of men’s tennis. As a result, his on-court earnings were $8 million. Off the court though he earned $30 million thanks to sponsors like Hublot, Raffeisen Bank, and Lemero.

3. Serena Williams - $41. 8 million USD

Credit: Yann Caradec

While she is down to no. 41 in the rankings, it’s still Serena Williams so she has made a killing off the court. A staggering $40 million she earned with nearly 20 sponsors. She now ranks amongst America’s richest self-made women. Her ventures fund, Serena Ventures, also has investments in 66 start-ups.

2. Naomi Osaka - $60.1 million USD

Credit: Bob Prange

Despite the headline grabbing breaks Naomi Osaka took from Wimbledon and the French Open due to her mental health, she made a tonne in 2021. Her advocacy for mental health has actually given sponsors someone to rally behind after Nike voiced their full support of her. On the court, Osaka earned $5.1 million but off the court she made $55 million!  That’s thanks to her endorsement portfolio that includes over 20 partners.

1. Roger Federer - $90.6 million USD

Is anyone surprised? Federer is the GOAT after all. He only earned $600,000 on the court but he made a ridiculous $90 million off the court. That’s thanks to all his sponsors but also, he owns a stake in the Swiss running shoe company, On, that’s about to go public. This makes Federer the highest paid player for 16 straight years.

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