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The Most Anticipated Films of 2022

With the pandemic forcing most films to be postponed to 2022 a lot of big films are coming out this year. So what are the most anticipated films of 2022?...
Credit: Neon

With the pandemic forcing most films to be postponed to 2022 a lot of big films are coming out this year. So what are the most anticipated films of 2022?

1. Scream (January 13th)

Scream is getting a soft reboot/sequel this year and will be one of the first films of the year to get excited about. The original cast are all returning with quite a few fresh faces. This is the first Scream film to not have Wes Craven as a director so we will have to see whether the late director’s touch will be missed.

2. Spencer (January 20th)

This is the upcoming Princess Diana biopic starring Kristen Stewart that is getting some serious buzz. Like, Oscar buzz. Looks like both former Twilight stars turned out be very talented actors, despite the criticisms levelled at Stewart’s portrayal of Bella.

3. Jackass Forever (February 3rd)

This will be the last Jackass film ever made (at least with the original cast) so surely it might be worth the time to see their swan song. Sure, you probably don’t need to go to the cinema to see this but it could be a bit of dumb fun given the last two years of misery.

4. Uncharted (February 17th)

The trailer for this looks pretty awful but I’m here hoping that it will be awful in a good kind of way. But it will likely be just another poor imitation of Indiana Jones.

5. The Batman (March 3rd)

The hype train has really hit overdrive for this movie. Not only does the trailer look awesome, but it also looks like Robert Pattinson is going to give us a unique take on Batman that I think will be interesting. Hopefully the film he’s in lives up to his performance as Ben Affleck wasn’t so lucky.

6. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (April 7th)

The last Fantastic Beasts film was a huge misstep for the franchise and was the first outright bad film in the Harry Potter franchise. Hopefully, that can be remedied with this film because the cast is good and going deeper into Dumbledore’s history could be interesting even if it is a departure from what the first Fantastic Beasts was about.

7. Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness (May 6th)

The title alone is cool enough to make me want to watch this. The first Doctor Strange film was really just Iron Man on LSD which was good for what it was but I’m hoping with Spider-man (2002) director Sam Raimi at the helm, this will be more interesting. Who knows, maybe Tobey Maguire will make another appearance as Spider-Man?

8. Top Gun: Maverick (May 27th)

This has been in the works for years and it is finally coming out. Will it be good? Maybe not, but it is likely to be a big hit with audiences much like the first one. The premise is interesting at the very least with the plot surrounding the technological shift from man operated planes to remote drones.

9. John Wick: Chapter 4 (May 27th)

It’s coming and after three stylish and well-choreographed films, I’m excited to see how it ends. Just read what director Chad Stahelski told IndieWire about the film,

“John may survive all this shit but at the end of it, there’s no happy ending. He’s got nowhere to go. Honestly, I challenge you right now, here’s a question to you: How do you fucking want me to end it? Do you think he’s going to ride off into the fucking sunset? He’s killed 300 fucking people and he’s just going to (walk away), everything’s okay? He’s just going to fall in love with a love interest? If you’re this fucking guy, if this guy really exist(ed), how is this guy’s day going to end? He’s fucked for the rest of his life. It’s just a matter of time.”

10. Thor: Love and Thunder (July 7th)

Credit: Marvel

Given that Thor: Ragnarok was so damn good, I’m so excited for Taika Waititi’s return to the Thor. He gave the character new life and his own brand of humour stemmed mostly from Waititi’s own.

11. Nope (July 22nd)

Jordan Peele is coming back with another horror flick and if it is anywhere near as good as his last two, we’re in for a treat.

12. Mission Impossible 7 (September 29th)

The resounding success of the last Mission Impossible and all the drama we’ve heard from the set means that this is something we just have to see, if only to see if the troubled affected the film.

13. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (November 10th)

Who will be the new Black Panther? This is where we’ll find out. Personally, I think the first Black Panther was overrated so a sequel to that film on its own doesn’t tempt me but there was great potential there that I’m hopeful the sequel improves on its predecessor.

14. Avatar 2 (December 15th)

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Who actually cares about Avatar anymore? It’s taken so long to get a sequel that when you mention Avatar to most people you get them saying, “that’s the one with the blue people, right?” At least it’s safe to say that director James Cameron really cares about this franchise so maybe there will be something more interesting to Avatar 2 that isn’t just spectacle alone.

15. Mario (December 26th)

It’s going to be so bad. So so bad. I’m so excited. Chris Pratt as Mario is a laughable choice that the internet was right to make fun of and Illumination aren’t exactly the pinnacle of quality when it comes to their animated films (thanks for Minions, you bastards).

16. Killers of the Flower Moon (TBA)

Credit: Apple

A Scorsese directed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro based on a critically acclaimed book of the same name? Need I say more? I’m seeing this.


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