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‘Spirited Away’ Just Scored Some Luxury Merch With Loewe

In collaboration with luxury fashion house, Loewe, Spirited Away is getting some merch with price tags that will make your eyes water....
Credit: Loewe

In collaboration with luxury fashion house, Loewe, Spirited Away is getting some merch with price tags that will make your eyes water.

The classic Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away was a huge hit and broke box office records in Japan when it came out in 2001. Now it looks like, as if to celebrate (?), Loewe is dropping a whole slew of items with iconic characters from the film pasted on them.

Now I’m not really being fair here because some of these designs are actually delightful. It is easy to be lazy with something like this but there is quite a large selection available here and most are pretty cool.

Kaonashi small hammock bag | Credit: Loewe

Like for example the Kaonashi small hammock bag that really blends the character design well with the bag. And the Chihiro shirt in cotton is a really groovy number that takes the underwater scene in order to play with colour.

Chihiro shirt in cotton | Credit: Loewe

There are coal sprites everywhere too which thankfully are far less annoying and much cuter than minions so they get a pass.

Some designs feel just lazy though. Like the small Chihiro heel pouch. It’s just a blue calfskin pouch with Chihiro’s face on it. It’s still kind of cute but it isn’t anything amazing, and for $925 it should be just a little more.

Small Chihiro heel pouch | Credit: Loewe

That’s one of the things about this collection that will irk some people, the price. That hammock bag I mentioned? $4,250 AUD. That shirt? $2,650 AUD! Though anyone with some knowledge about fashion will know that Loewe doesn’t exactly come cheap.

Jonathan Anderson, Loewe creative director, said of the collection,

“Studio Ghibli’s ability in conceiving stories is matched by a tireless dedication to craft in order to bring them to life with painstaking manual labor. Such love for the possibilities of craft is something we truly nurture at Loewe, and this is where the connection resides.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened either as Loewe took on My Neighbour Totoro, another Studio Ghibli film, for a collection in 2021.

A cool little RSVP only pop-up shop has appeared in Tokyo until January 16 to promote the collection.

Check out the whole collection on Loewe’s website.


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